Mamma Mia 2 – fiery leading ladies



Mamma Mia2 is cheering cinema audiences globally overtaking expectations for the opening weekend. The old cast re-assembles including Meryl Streep, playing a ghost since she’s now dead. Lily James – of Downton Abbey, Cinderella, War and Peace and Darkest Hour fame – plays Meryl Streep’s younger self.   And Amanda Seyfried – Gringo, First Reformed, Fathers and Daughters – plays her daughter Sophie.

Both Lily James, 5 April 1989 UK, and Amanda Seyfried, 3 December 1985, have heavily Fire charts.

Lily James has her Sun Venus Mercury conjunct in Aries as well as an Aries Moon; with the triple conjunction of Uranus Neptune Saturn in Capricorn square. She’ll have initiative aplenty, be pro-active and extremely restless. She’s also got a Yod of Pluto sextile Saturn Neptune inconjunct Mars in Gemini which will make her impulsive, scattered, at times inclined to trip herself up. Tr Neptune is square her Mars exactly now which doesn’t sound too upbeat for a launch and will hang around till late 2019. Though tr Jupiter will briefly conjunct her Pluto this month which will help lift her confidence.

Amanda Seyfried has Venus, Mercury, Saturn conjunct in Sagittarius with Sun Uranus also in Sag and a Leo Moon; plus a powerhouse Pluto opposition North Node square Jupiter in Aquarius. Despite all the fire and a strong Jupiter she says she suffers from stage fright and panic attacks – perhaps from an overload of Mutable signs.

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