Mama Merkel – the ties that bind under strain

AM Ger synAM Germ comp


Angela Merkel did say she would not stand for a fourth term in the German elections due in September 2017, but has since backtracked from that, hinting she may.

Islamist attacks on German soil and the increasing burden of incoming immigrants is causing internal dissension though she gives no indication she’ll drop her open door policy.

Her Sun Uranus in Cancer is conjunct the Germany 10th house Uranus – and all three planets are getting a severe shaking up from a tr Uranus square, in her case from late March and in Germany’s from late April. So both their destinies are in for a fairly radical shift.

Her relationship chart with Germany is very complex – with a confident Jupiter Pluto trine Venus, so success and popularity. But there’s also a Cardinal Grand Cross of composite Sun opposition Mercury square Neptune opposition Uranus. That configuration has already been under strain in 2016 and it will escalate through 2017 with tr Pluto back to square the composite Sun in January, and square Mercury from March, so huge challenges and bitter debates. With tr Uranus square Neptune in February and then square Uranus in April causing disruptions and rifts. And tr Saturn square the composite Moon three times through the year, bringing separation, coolness and a sense of loss.

This may not all be down to immigration, since the Eurozone financial problems which have disappeared off the headlines may be back in a major way with Italy struggling, Greece unsolved, France sagging badly etc etc.

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