Madeleine McCann – the agony drags on

Another story about Madeleine McCann perhaps being found, this time in Paraguay, is being discounted.

She disappeared on 3 May 2007 in the evening in Faro, Portugal, on a Saturn opposition Neptune square Sun Mercury on one side and square a Scorpio Moon on the other. Saturn Neptune is muddled, confused, prone to conspiracy theories which is perhaps why the aftermath caused such a welter of conflicting theories. There was also an explosive Mars Uranus square Jupiter Pluto – so bold, audacious, ruthless.  There is some movement on that chart later in 2017 but whether it points to an outcome I wouldn’t be sure.

Both Gerry McCann and his wife Kate look disappointed and discouraged this year and next. He has tr Saturn opposition his Gemini Venus Sun Mars; with tr Neptune square Venus this year and Sun in 2017.  Kate has tr Saturn square her Pisces Sun this year and tr Neptune conjunct in 2017.

Both have tr Uranus trine their Jupiter in 2018 which could bring relief from tension.

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