Barack Obama – diplomatic reversal on David Cameron

Barack Obama is rowing back smartly from criticisms of David Cameron in which he said, in a nutshell, that DC had made a botch of Libya, created a sh** storm; and had to be persuaded not to be a free-rider on America’s military coat tails. It now appears DC is the closest partner Obama has had. Which can’t say much for the others since their relationship has been terrible from the get go.

Cameron’s Saturn opposes Obama’s Mars in Virgo with DC’s Uranus Pluto conjunct O’s Mars. As if that wasn’t aggravating and blocking enough, DC’s Mars in Leo is conjunct O’s Uranus North Node.  There is a whisper of good feeling from O’s Leo Sun crossing over with DC’s Leo Moon – but there again the Leonine energy isn’t always too good about sharing the spotlight.

Their relationship chart is excruciatingly bad with a power-struggling composite Sun Pluto Mercury conjunction which is also conjunct an explosive Mars Uranus. Were it not for Pluto keeping an iron grip they might well have come to blows before this.  Tr Saturn has been square the composite Uranus, Mars, Sun Pluto already this year and repeats right through till late October. Tr Neptune has been opposing the composite Uranus and moves to oppose Mars from now, on and off into 2017 – so if anything the chemistry between them is getting worse through Obama’s last months in the White House.

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