Lindsay Lohan – a tumultuous life in the spotlight



Lindsay Lohan appears to be in trouble again after posting a video of herself trying to remove children from homeless people whom she said were ‘traffickers’ which ended up in a punch up. Her life has been a catalogue of successes and mishaps since she moved from child star to teen idol to an adult multi-tasker in singing, acting, fashion designing and business ventures plus visits to rehab and brushes with the law.

Born 2 July 1986 New York with an unverified time of 4am, she’s a Sun Cancer opposition Neptune and trine Pluto – such Sun Neptune Pluto aspects are often seen amongst those who reach starry heights and/or notoriety. She has lucky Jupiter in Pisces in her 10th (on this birth time) on the focal point of a Taurus Moon trine Mars in Capricorn on the cusp of the 8th, which might make sense of her erratic moods and inability to handle drink. Alcohol doesn’t mix with Moon Mars.

And a Yod of Jupiter sextile Mars inconjunct Venus in flamboyant Leo, which will make her feel awkward and out of place on social occasions.  Her Mercury in Leo is square Pluto, trine Saturn and inconjunct Neptune, all of which will add to mental stress.

She has a strong actress’s 15th Harmonic; and very marked though stressed creative 5th and 7th harmonics.

This year she’s had tr Pluto conjunct her Mars which is heavy-duty, depressing and enraging, with another exact hit this November to mid December. Plus a Solar Arc Saturn conjunct Neptune which will have increased her neurosis; alongside a discouraging Solar Arc Pluto conjunct her Saturn. With tr Saturn making another hard aspect to her Sun opposition Neptune before the New Year – so not her easiest time.

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  1. What she did was awful..the father (maybe grandfather) looked so upset and fearful as they tried to walk off. I am disgusted with her. She is a right pillock.

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