Lily Cole & Heathcliffe – stirring up angst and fury



There’s a hissy fit going over at the Bronte Society over Cambridge Double First Lily Cole’s inclusion as a ‘creative partner’ for the bicentenary celebrations of Emily Bronte’s birth. She has made a short film about Wuthering Heights and its anti-hero Heathcliffe, which also focuses on women’s rights. All of the Bronte sisters initially published under pseudonyms for fear they wouldn’t be taken seriously. Lily Cole’s sin appears to that she was once a supermodel and is now an actress.

Emily Bronte was born 30 July 1818 at 2.49pm? Thornton, England and died aged 30 only a year after Wuthering Heights, her only novel, was first published. It’s now taken to be a classic of English literature.

Lily Cole was born 27 December 1987 in Torquay, England and is a creative and ambitious Sun, Mercury, Neptune in Capricorn with a fearsomely determined Pluto and Mars in Scorpio.

Emily Bronte’s Jupiter is conjunct her Sun, Neptune, Mercury so they are a good fit. Lily has an innovative Saturn Uranus in Sagittarius which is conjunct Emily’s highly-strung Uranus Neptune in Sagittarius; and Lily’s North Node in Pisces is conjunct Emily’s Pluto.

When Wuthering Heights came out it was assumed the author was a man because of the sex and violence. Victorian readers were ‘shocked and confounded by a tale of unchecked primal passions, replete with savage cruelty and outright barbarism.’ Lily Cole certainly tunes into that with her Mars Pluto in Scorpio. And with tr Mars now back in Scorpio, boosted by Jupiter, it’s clearly stoking up the same angst and fury.

Nothing like the literati for getting on their high horse about irrelevancies, when they perceive an outsider moving onto their patch.

“Be with me always – take any form – drive me mad! only do not leave me in this abyss, where I cannot find you! Oh, God! it is unutterable! I can not live without my life! I can not live without my soul!” Emily Bronte: Wuthering Heights.


8 thoughts on “Lily Cole & Heathcliffe – stirring up angst and fury

  1. Marjorie. Things are really bad in Venezuela. People are starving and really struggling. Please your astrological comments would be appreciated. Thanks. Cecilia

    • Venezuela’s government paired up with Putin in November. This will give the goverment a boost, but don’t know if it will filter down to the streets.

  2. It sounds unfair as soon as the word model Vs writer is mentioned. And Nick Holland has a blog in which he explains why he quit, for those interested. Mind you the play which he saw and disliked Lily Cole in was written by another partner of the Bronte society….

    However about choosing Lily Cole, she is a person with a double first in the History of Art from the University of Cambridge (I know this isn’t a literature degree), who happened to be a model once, and became famous for it.

    But even without that degree, she had been investing a big amount of her money in bookshops not beauty products for years. It is not like they chose the Kardash*ans of the UK, whomever they may be to advocate literature, when they chose her.

    However I do agree that sometimes a hardworking person’s opportunities are hijacked by those with connections or more fame, or more money and that is not fair. But this case is different simply because Lily Cole a genuine book lover, has always been interested in advocating literature, using her own money to push for more books for more people.

    I am sure the past few days saw the Bronte society having more publicity than they did in years, so its not like they got nothing out of it either.

    • Yes, they got something out of it—insulted, old biddy-fied, sour graped, and being endlessly on the wrong end of it when compared to this perfect example of what a female should be.

  3. Many many times non-glamorous hard-working people see there best efforts usurped by a person who waltzs in and takes all the cake. My sympathies lie with the members of the Bronte society. Not a single one of them is mentioned by name. They are the voiceless drones, who do the work for years but are meaningless to the public. However, a young, glam double first supermodel can have all the tea, cake and sympathy, and top it off with a cherry of good publicity on top.

    Lily will go on to more glam and excitement, and the Bronte flap will be a blip of a memory for her. But to many of the Bronte Society, this is the culmination of their lives, a moment where they are now publicly blasted as being a-holes to this young lady. A sorry state of affairs, just because they refused to be voiceless.

  4. Interesting how that the Bronte’s wrote with pseudonyms for the fear of being judged, and now their legacies supposed caretakers are judging a young woman who wants to pay tribute to her country’s literature greats, simply because of her previous job. Sometimes, we admire but learn nothing….

    i wonder how the Saturn return into Capricorn transit is playing in with all this for Lily Cole.

  5. I watched the movie “Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus”. Very intellectual, seductive. I was struggling to recall the title, as I want to purchase the DVD; thenak you! One could describe the layering in the movie as a Jungian symbology dinnerfest.

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