Lili Elbe – The Danish Girl – Moon Neptune Saturn Pluto

Lili Elbe was a Danish painter and transgender woman, probably the first to have sex reassignment surgery from male to female, from which she died in 1931. The Eddie Redmayne film The Danish Girl is loosely based on her story.

Lili was born Einar Wegener, 28 December 1882, and had the truly difficult Neptune Saturn and Pluto in Taurus opposition North Node in Scorpio square a Leo Moon –  so he would be conflicted emotionally.  Uranus in Virgo was also trine Neptune Saturn and Pluto – creative, though highly strung and changeable. His Sun Mercury and Mars were in Capricorn with Mars square Uranus – restless, ambitious, keen to take the initiative, volatile.

He married Gerda Gottlieb, another painter, 15 March 1886, who was a Sun Pisces opposition Jupiter in Libra square Saturn in Cancer – quite a mix of artistic, optimistic and pessimistic. The marriage was dissolved when Einar became Lili. Gerda’s focal point Saturn was opposition Lili’s Mars Sun – so not an ideal mix.

Their relationship chart hints at mutual support and an adventurous streak; though was also destined to disappointment with a composite Sun opposition Jupiter square Mars on one side and Neptune on the other.

At the time he decided on gender reassignment surgery his Solar Arc Sun Mars were moving square to his Neptune Saturn in Taurus planets in the run up.

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