Libya – fertile breeding ground for jihadists

Comments by the Manchester suicide bomber’s sister that his deadly attack was in revenge for western military attacks in the Middle East are being shouted down as ‘abhorrent’. But it is undeniable that stamping out terrorism demands a two pronged counter-attack of a) in the short term, preventing it by whatever means necessary and b) in the longer term, understanding the root causes and removing them.

Abedi was Libyan, a country since Gaddafi’s toppling in 2011, mainly as a result of NATO, French, Brit and US action, which has fallen into anarchy in a multi-front civil war. Patrick Cockburn writes: ‘The Libyan uprising was reported as a simple-minded clash between good and evil. Gaddafi and his regime were demonised and his opponents treated with a naïve lack of scepticism and enquiry. The foreign media have dealt with the subsequent collapse of the Libyan state since 2011 mostly by ignoring it.’  Libya holds the largest proven oil reserves in Africa so should be a prosperous country, instead of which it is in chaotic ruins – a breeding ground for ISIS and other jihadists and is forcing many millions of refugees into exile, some of them heading Europe-wards.

Libra was given independence on 24 December 1951 12am Tripoli. Tr Uranus, just into Aries, was square the Capricorn Sun in 2011; and what followed saw the tr Uranus square tr Pluto in hard aspect to the 10th house Uranus, as well as Saturn and Mars, so disruptive, explosive, destructive. Tr Pluto has another square to the Libya Mars this Sept/Oct and by 2018 tr Pluto square the Libya Neptune for two years, which is simplistically devastation, though it’s difficult to see how it could get much worse. Tr Neptune will also square the midheaven for a directionless 2018/19. Solar Arc Pluto is also conjunct the Libya Moon in 16 months’ time which will bring violent emotional reactions and shocks. So no sense of any sensible government forming any time soon.


7 thoughts on “Libya – fertile breeding ground for jihadists

  1. blowback.. another failed attempt at regime change, thanks the uk and usa… or were they hoping for a failed state? either way, that is what they got.. they own it.. the western msm may be unwilling to connect the dots, but ordinary people are quite capable.. same deal with all the false flags and attempts at overthrowing assad… keep on keeping on, ruining others countries and hoping for a better result..

  2. Sharon, here you are again. You made it crystal clear many times before that this website does not resonate with your beliefs. You must have spent 5 minutes writing your post and wasting that precious time of your life on a site that annoys the trollies off you.

    Honestly, if you verbally said to us what you wrote, I’d imagine right now, you would have passed out on the floor because, you poor petal, you forgot to breathe in your delivery of so much information overload. If you actually got a life, you might start breathing again and regain some rationale, and distance yourself from the Alex Jones/Illuminati/’Fake News’ propaganda vacuum that is fast swallowing you up out of existence. Life is too precious for it to be controlled and influenced from outside sources.

  3. This reads so much like Daily Mail/BBC Orwellian Disinformation, as usual. Have you been to Libya? Did you read into why ‘Regime Change’ hit Libya? Gaddafi was planning to dump the Petro-Dollar. Same as Shah of Iran and Saddam Hussain…The Petro-Dollar, if dumped and taken back to the insolvent Federal Reserve, as the Germans tried recently and took nearly a year to get gold back, is an impossibility. The gold has gone, the Fed is bankrupt. Returning worthless paper dollars back to the Fed will dissolve the illusion. The Fiat currency is backed by more Fiat currency which is worthless paper. Strange how Jean Wiley and Pam Gregory are able to see the Arising of The Age of Aquarius and Corrupt Global Elite in the stars unfolding in False Flag attacks and BBC Disinformation. Yet in the same stars all you see is support for Corporate Kleptocracy and Orwellian Screens of Disinformation that allow the Elite to continue murdering and robbing? Strange…Same stars and different interpretations?

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