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Irish actor Liam Neeson in an ill-advised fit of honesty has landed himself in dire trouble with accusations of racism being thrown at him. He is doing the PR tour for his latest movie Cold Pursuit in which he plays an ordinary man transformed into a coldblooded vigilante after his son is killed by drug dealers. In an interview he mentioned that 40 years ago a friend had been raped and he described the strong urge for revenge that erupted in him, focussed against black men. He’s now trying to calm the storm by saying he’d have felt the same if the rapist had been Scots, Irish or Lithuanian.

Born 7 June 1952 in Ballymena, (maybe 9.55pm unverified, astrotheme), he has his Sun, Venus and Mercury in chatty Gemini in a filmic trine to Neptune, sextile an influential Pluto. And he’s possibly got a talented Half Grand Sextile of his Sun opposition a Sagittarius Moon, sextile Pluto and Neptune.  His Mars in ultra-determined and vengeful Scorpio is in an adventurous opposition to Jupiter in indulgent Taurus, which would be where he tapped into his need to lash back.

He’s looking deflated and out of sorts ahead with tr Neptune square his Mercury now for his misspeak and then in an undermining square to his Sun come April, along with an edgily insecure tr Uranus opposition his Mars. He’ll bounce again by 2020 when tr Uranus is conjunct his Jupiter, but he won’t have done this movie much good, which won’t make him popular with the studio or crew.


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