Lady Gabriella Windsor – a brainy Royal with an independent streak



Lady Gabriella Windsor, the 38 year old daughter of Prince and Princess Michael of Kent, is marrying her long time beau financier Tom Kingston today at Windsor with the Queen in attendance. Way down the succession at 53, she’s still in favour, despite her wild child youth. Brainier than most Royals, she has several degrees from prestigious universities; has written for magazines and kept her face out of the tabloids. The exception being a Vanity Fair piece last year by a former boyfriend (now married to a man) who spilled the alleged beans about the Kents’ lifestyle and opinions.

Gabriella was born 23 April 1981 3pm London (newspaper report so presumably circa). She has a charming and indulgent Sun Venus in Taurus with her Sun conjunct Mars Mercury in late Aries. Her Mars Mercury are in a formidable do-or-die determined opposition to Pluto as well as being on the apex of a Yod, along with the Sun to Jupiter Saturn in Libra sextile Uranus. Her Sagittarius Moon Neptune is trine her Mars Mercury. A complicated lady who doesn’t fit easily into a defined box and can be impulsive and a touch outspoken like her mother.

Her new husband, Tom Kingston, 22 June 1978, is a Sun Jupiter in Cancer like her father Prince Michael, with his Venus in flamboyant Leo conjunct her North Node and square her Sun Venus for a karmic and affectionate connection. Though his Saturn in Leo and Mars in Virgo both square her Uranus which will cause a few heated moments. His Capricorn Moon may square her Mars opposition Pluto and if it does rather echoes her tricky relationship with her mother whose Capricorn Sun also clashes with Gabriella’s grimly determined streak.

Gabriella’s relationship chart with Tom does have a sociable, indulgent, passionate, power-couple composite Venus trine Pluto, sextile Jupiter. But there’s also an uncertain composite Venus opposition Neptune square Saturn so it won’t always feel on solid ground.

The wedding chart has a stubborn Scorpio Full Moon which is sextile/trine the Saturn Pluto conjunction; and an excitable, needs-space Venus Uranus – it’ll need to be unconventional to work well.

She didn’t have the easiest of mothers with her relationship chart with Princess Michael having a disruptive composite Mars opposition Uranus and a controlling composite Sun opposition Pluto – a good deal of pushing and pulling.


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  1. I always thought she looked a lot like Prince William. It’s interesting how the genetics work – my cousin and our 2nd cousin once removed look incredibly much alike. As do my aunt and my second cousin.

  2. Congratulations to both of them! They look so nice in that picture and it seems from the coverage today that it was a lovely day for them. Thank you for the write-up and all the information. I wish them all the best. (P. S. I didn’t know she was so well academically qualified. Great! So good for her.)

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