Laci & Scott Peterson – a fated and soul-less murder


The death sentence has been overturned in the case of Scott Peterson found guilty of murdering his wife who was eight and a half months pregnant, in 2002. His conviction has been upheld.

Laci Peterson, 4 May 1975 4.44am Modesto, California, disappeared on Christmas Eve and her decomposed body and that of her unborn son were discovered the following April on the San Francisco Bay shore. It transpired that her husband had entered into multiple affairs throughout their marriage and informed his latest squeeze that he was about to become a widower two weeks before she vanished.

Laci was a Sun Taurus sextile Mars in Pisces in the 12th and sextile Saturn in Cancer in the 4th, so used to hardship and with Uranus in her 7th house of relationships would be attracted to a maverick, unpredictable partner. She had a cool Air Grand Trine of a mischievous Aquarius Moon trine Uranus trine Venus in Gemini; and a confident Jupiter in upfront Aries on her Ascendant opposition Pluto Descendant. Pluto there also suggests she would veer towards a controlling, manipulative husband.

Scott Peterson was born 24 October 1972 9.36am San Diego, CA, and is a Sun Scorpio with a volatile and uncompromising thrill-seeking Mars Uranus conjunction; a controlling Pluto in the 10th in a rules-don’t-apply square to Jupiter. He had Saturn in his 7th house of marriage suggesting he found it hard work and his Sagittarius Moon was in a slippery opposition to Neptune on his Ascendant.

It was hardly an ideal match with her Uranus conjunct his Sun; her downbeat Saturn in his 8th and her Mars in his 4th. Despite her efforts to be the perfect housewife she did have an independent streak, would put a damper on intimacy and be argumentative at home.

His Mars Uranus as well as his Sun fell in her 7th so he was always going to be a combustible partner, constantly on the move and not co-operative. Her North Node was conjunct his Neptune with his Moon exactly opposition.

Their relationship chart was toe-curlingly bad with a high-risk, scary, unkind (cruel) composite Mars opposition Saturn square Pluto; plus an illusory/delusional Sun Venus in aspect to Neptune. It was always guaranteed to blow a fuse at some point. The tragedy is they ever got together in the first place.  When she disappeared, tr Saturn was conjunct the composite South Node and tr Uranus was opposition the composite Mercury and conjunct the Mars/Chiron midpoint. These aren’t exactly headlines, but the transiting Sun just into Capricorn was moving round that brutal composite T Square of Saturn Pluto Mars – and tr Neptune was just over the opposition to the composite Sun Venus.

Her chart at the time had tr Pluto square her Mars which is trapped and dangerous; with tr Mars moving into her 8th house; and tr Uranus heading to conjunct her Moon.

On his chart there was a good deal of movement with a ‘confident’ tr Jupiter square his Solar Arc Mars Uranus conjunction. Perpetrators often have uplifting Jupiterian influences to give them the ‘courage’ to do the deed and presumably for the benefit they think it’ll bring them. He also had tr Saturn exactly conjunct his South Node in the 8th Plus a variety of other transits to midpoints including two warped Neptune ones to two Mars midpoints.

The crossovers with and activity around the Nodes are what is remarkable with his Moon conjunct her South Node; her Saturn conjunct his South Node. And the tr Saturn conjunct the composite South Node on the relationship chart and the South Node on his personal chart when she disappeared.

For a man who has had a death sentence lifted he doesn’t look that cheerful with an uncertain tr Neptune square his Saturn till early 2022 and other less than upbeat influences on midpoints.

It takes a particular kind of evil to kill a pregnant woman, near term, who was carrying his child. And all presumably for the insurance money and the freedom to screw around as he pleased.

5 thoughts on “Laci & Scott Peterson – a fated and soul-less murder

  1. Please can you have a look into Brad’s new romance? Apparently he’s dating a 27 yo German model, and although I first rolled my eyes and thought he was pulling a Leo, they actually have really strong nodal contacts! Huh!
    The Daily Mail says she’s born on January 2, 1993.

    • I’m very interested in this one too. All Brad’s personal planets are in Capricorn. She is a Sun Capricorn born in Warsaw. The date if birth is correct but no birth time and the moon changed signs that day so she is either an Aries moon or Taurus. A Taurus moon would obviously work well with Brad’s Capricorn moon. Strong nodal contacts but the 30 year age gap is a bit much! Then again she is currently married to a 68 year old and has a child but she has reverted back to her maiden name so it looks like it’s over, for her anyway. Is this a fling or is it built to last? Mmmm! lol

  2. Perhaps someone will squash him for the vile insect that he is. Takes a particularly soul-less person to kill an unborn child.

    DIdn’t he have a flurry of womanly interests outside of jail who wanted to “marry” him?

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