La La Land – a feel good movie



La La Land, starring Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone, has been greeted by rapturous reviews – ‘wonderfully sweet, sad, smart’ – ‘a musical romance that rushes from first love to heartache via show tunes, love songs and free jazz’ – ‘a sweet-natured drama that’s full of bounce.’

Principal Photography started on 10 Aug 2015 in Los Angeles with a frivolously flamboyant Jupiter Venus conjunction in Leo with Venus conjunct a Leo Sun; plus a few less helpful influences like Mars trine Saturn, so not all spectacular.

Ryan Gosling, 12 Nov 1980 2.34pm? London, Canada and Emma Stone, 6 Nov 1988 12.50pm Scottsdale, Arizona (astrotheme) are both Sun Scorpios and both have Venus in Libra. But they are very different types of Scorpios. She’s a controlling Sun Pluto and he’s a freedom-loving Sun Uranus. She has Uranus Saturn in late Sagittarius conjunct his Mars Neptune which would make for a rather agitated chemistry. Their relationship chart has a hard-working composite Sun Saturn but that’s in an edgy, irritable square to Mars, so not easy keeping tranquil when things went wrong.

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