Krysten Ritter – living up to her super-hero role



An all-female directing crew hit the #timesup mark for the latest Marvel TV series of Jessica Jones, launched on International Women’s Day. Krysten Ritter plays a former superhero turned private investigator in New York.

Born 16 December 1981 noon in Shickshinny, Pennsylvania, Ritter started as a model and moved into films and appears to have super-charged energy. She filmed Jessica Jones and The Defenders for 12 months straight, wrote a debut novel Bonfire; runs her own production company Silent Machine; and is a professional knitter with an Instagram following.

She has a Sun, Neptune, Mercury all in Sagittarius on her midheaven sextile the determined and tough Saturn Pluto in Libra, with her Pluto conjunct Jupiter in Scorpio. She describes herself as ‘hard-core’. Suited to the film business with Neptune on her MC, she’ll be ambitious with the Sun there as well and is well-designed for a public career with an audience.

Her Mars in Libra is sextile Uranus and trine Venus in Aquarius which will give her hyper-energy. Her hard-working Virgo Moon squares onto Uranus making her restless.

Tr Saturn is moving across her midheaven now and staying in her upper quadrant for the next seven years, so there’ll be a good deal ahead for her. With a real lift in 2019 as tr Uranus opposes her 8th house Jupiter. Though she’ll be under fairly relentless pressure with tr Pluto square her Saturn then Pluto over the next four years.

Her creative 5th and 7th Harmonics are well aspected as is her acting 15H.


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  1. Binged on Jessica Jones season 2 episodes, and it’s as good as last season. Some rumbling on the entertainment sites that she is not returning to the Jessica Jones role.

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