Kim Jong Un – his grip on power severely tested


Kim Jong Un, the tubby North Korean leader with a heavy smoking habit, is reportedly unwell after heart surgery. News out of North Korea is always difficult to confirm and both he and his sidekick sister Kim Yo Jong have conflicting birth years so the individual charts aren’t much use.

What is definite is his leadership chart of 29 December 2011 at 11.57 am P’yonggang, NK. That has run into a road block exactly now and in effect across the year with the Solar Arc Midheaven having moved to conjunct the control-freak Sun Pluto; as well as a panicky-failure tr Neptune opposition the Mars, which latter influence repeats till early 2021. There’e also tr Saturn just over the confidence-denting square to the Jupiter when he was supposedly in for surgery and that repeats later as well.

The North Korea country chart, 9 September 1948 5.27pm has tr Saturn just past the opposition to the 6th house Venus at zero degrees Leo; with tr Uranus this year being in the insecure opposition to the Mars and about to conjunct the NK Taurus North Node, so a shake-up of the country’s destiny into early 2021. Plus tr Neptune square the NK Jupiter from later this month on and off till early 2022. This can either be financially undermining as false hopes implode or enthusiasm-denting for other reasons. The Solar Arc Venus is conjunct Neptune now which is again emotionally and/or financially troubled or both. With a discouraging Solar Arc Sun square Saturn late in 2021. 2022 will see major upheavals – with difficulty – from tr Uranus square the NK Pluto.

Although his sister has stepped up recently, the likelihood if he goes is that a more senior party member may take over.


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