Kellyanne & Maryanne – Trump’s women baling out

Kellyanne Conway has resigned from the White House to spend more time with her teenage family. Her husband George has also withdrawn from his anti-Trump lobbying. It was always an extremely odd set up with his regular, pungent attacks on her boss.

She was never that easy a fit with Trump since her Saturn in Pisces opposition Uranus Pluto squares his Sun and Moon and her Mars squares his Saturn. Their relationship chart shows considerable strain and aggravation over the New Year to late January 2021.

Her relationship with her husband George is stressed exactly now; and she’s not looking that happy on her own chart from late this month till late November, feeling trapped and frustrated. Her Solar Arc Sun is opposing her Uranus now which would indicate a sudden change and she should have a lucky break in 2021 with her Solar Arc Jupiter conjunct her Uranus; though she’s into a run of swampy Neptunian transits for two or three years ahead which are generally not supportive of ego-directed ambitions.

Trump has also been having problems with his elder sister Maryanne Trump Barry, whose secretly recorded comments about her brother being an unprincipled phoney, a liar, cruel and a cheat who had someone else sit his exams for him have hit the headlines. She didn’t attend their brother Robert’s White House funeral.

Born 5 April 1937, she’s a Sun Mercury in Aries square Jupiter in Capricorn opposition Pluto so not short of chutzpah or pushy confidence. Her Saturn in Pisces square Donald’s Sun and Moon so she will always have been critical with her Pluto conjunct his Saturn Venus; and her Uranus in Taurus square his Pluto – so despite her earlier protestations of being a supporter she is a disruptive force in his life.

Gawd the man is a bore. He’s drilled his way into people’s skulls as an ongoing obsession. It is a talent of sorts I suppose.

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  1. Trump is excrutiating, but so is Brexit, the culture wars, the climate change wars, covid 19, Russia’s tendency to poison whoever it doesn’t like, China’s growing gulag, Syria and so on. We live in an excrutiating age.

  2. Les, thank you. I find it difficult to understand a decent person being involved with, let alone choosing to be part of that family ($ probably, but who know the reason)

    BUT, thank you for sharing about the garden design!

    It’s a shame that everything she does is torn apart—but she must be getting what she wants from the arrangement. To me, it would not be worth it.

    Roses need full sun.

      • I believe the final straw & wake-up call for KellyAnne were the tweets & meltdown videos her left-leaning daughter Claudia Conway has been posting on Tic Toc about the miserable home environment blaming most of it on her mother, calling her “ selfish” for pursuing her line of work and to a lesser extend her father. Claudia tweeted Saturday night that she was so disgusted that her mother will be speaking at “Trump” nomination convention that she is “officially pushing for emancipation”. Really sad situation if that’s what it took.

    • Anulment is an option. Although people with children typically seek it when kids are grown, since this makes them “illegitimate”, too. But I knew of couples in Italy who just could not stand each other and had this the moment they could.

      • Solaia – I’m Italian/Ukranian and Catholic. From my Sunday school classes, it came to mind that one has to pay a large tithe for forgiveness by the dude up top. Of course, the tithe feeds into one of many funnels in the house of religion (have to word carefully now and not offend), even with annullment. It’s kind of a financial manner of avoiding purgatory. The eternal Greyhound bus station.

  3. She’s a piece of work, is Kellyanne. Maybe she does see the writing on the wall… not an easy time with trans Saturn conjunct her sun. I suppose we can ready ourselves for her book in 2021.

  4. “Gawd the man is a bore. He’s drilled his way into people’s skulls as an ongoing obsession. It is a talent of sorts I suppose.”

    In Portugal we have a saying: É melhor cair em Graça do que ser engraçado. – A sort of translation would be: “It is better to fall into good grace than to be funny.” It´s a play on words (Graça – Grace/ ter graça – to be funny (or: engraçado).

    It’s like Trump has some sort of (wicked) variation of this…

  5. (Laughing my ass off); so the “alternative facts” rat jumps ship before the sinking. Seems Georgey boy finally won. I always wondered how in the world that household functioned.
    I’m certain Kayleigh is more than willing to be the replacement consigliere bs’er. Younger, quicker and more hungry for vanitistic ambitions while morally bankrupt and void of high principles. May the new young whipper snapper prosper while the band plays on the way down.

    • George Conway resigned from Lincoln Project, too. This apparently was caused by their teenage daughter getting her phone back and calling them both out. She has seeked emancipation and publicly denounced mental and possibly physical abuse. I suspect court documents are secret, but if she will, in fact, be granted emancipation, it will reflect really poorly on her parents in any case.

  6. I accidently looked at DJT’s current Lunar Return, really was going for the Solar Return. I seldom do this, because these are mostly “moodboards” and very fleeing, but it’s honestly a stunning display of women causing many issues. There’s a tight square of 1st House Moon, 4th house Neptune and 7th house Venus. He won’t be taking these “defections” well.

    • *T-square*. It’s also near enough to MC/IC axis. Venus is squaring MC with a less than 4 degree orb, other objects are 7-8 degrees from MC/IC. This is trouble at home, and I suspect this will culminate to Melania’s RNC appearance. She doesn’t need to be completely embarrassing to completely pale in comparison with Michelle Obama and Dr. Biden.

  7. “Gawd the man is a bore. He’s drilled his way into people’s skulls as an ongoing obsession. It is a talent of sorts I suppose.”

    Thanks Marjorie! Yes, he is an ongoing obsession as you say – I think we’re collectively fascinated by the seemingly endless rollercoaster of this presidency, not least because we’ve never witnessed an American president like this. It’s interesting about some of the women around him backing off at this point. Trump’s Venus and Saturn are under such pressure from Pluto and Saturn, plus this August there’s Mars in Aries and BML in Aries completing a t-square with those natal planets. Maybe Mars has brought the nature of those transiting oppositions out into the open.

    Can’t help wondering about Melania Trump, too. The group of fixed sign planets in early 2021 will be transiting her Scorpio Jupiter and then her Taurus Saturn to begin with. Mars in Taurus is conjunct BML at the end of January, conjunct her natal Saturn. Uranus will conjunct that Saturn later on in the spring.

    • “Can’t help wondering about Melania Trump, too. The group of fixed sign planets in early 2021 will be transiting her Scorpio Jupiter and then her Taurus Saturn to begin with. Mars in Taurus is conjunct BML at the end of January, conjunct her natal Saturn. Uranus will conjunct that Saturn later on in the spring.”

      Apparently, a former advisor – also organizer of that 107 million dollar Inauguration – to FLOTUS Stephanie Wolkoff is releasing a Melania-centric book, and has her on tape saying disparaging things about her husband and stepchildren. Not that we didn’t suspect she did, but she’s now on tape. Can’t be good for an eventual divorce settlement.

      • Being around that gaggle of ghastly Trump step-children would drive anyone crazy. I wonder if that’s the reason she destroyed the WH rose garden?

        • It’s a curious synchronicity – if that’s the right word – that the trees Melania had removed were ornamental fruit trees, ruled by Venus. Roses themselves are ruled by Venus, although I think the choice of white roses also makes me think of the Moon. I believe the trees were planted during the time of the Kennedys. The WH garden was pretty abundant and colourful, now it looks boringly elegant – but also rather like a cemetery or crematorium garden to me. Hmmn!

          • “…now it looks boringly elegant – but also rather like a cemetery or crematorium garden to me. Hmmn!”

            Maybe she is musing about the headstone/grave decor for the Oran Gutan.

          • I’m no fan of Melania’s and I think there’s so many more important things to be outraged about besides her garden makeover. But I saw a FB post yesterday from someone as vehemently opposed to the Trump administration as I am that put the new landscape design in perspective. Snipping in a bit here (and sorry, not astrology related at all!):

            “From the standpoint of garden design, it is cleaner and fresher, is classical and elegant, provides a better living condition for all plants, and the new limestone pathways allow proper walking space and is ADA accessible. On top of all this, it is now more of a rose garden than before, because there are actually more roses… The new design plan is a collaboration by renowned landscape architecture firms, Perry Guillot, Inc and Oehme, van Sweden & Associates (who were also the Landscape Architect of Record for the Martin Luther King, Jr. National Memorial). This project had an official committee chaired by Melania Trump, was funded by private donations via the Trust for the National Mall, and is supported by the National Park Service, which maintains it. The garden was reimagined to better reflect its 1962 design by renowned American horticulturalist, gardener, and philanthropist Bunny Mellon, during the Kennedy Administration.

            The 1962 garden renovation, led by Jacqueline Kennedy, was an expansion of the first White House Rose Garden, established in 1913 by Ellen Louise Axson Wilson, wife of Woodrow Wilson. This new garden includes the diamond-shape design in the flower beds, which was Bunny Mellon’s favored shape.

            I notice in photographs that the uprooted Crabapple trees were disheveled and created enough shade to stifle the proper growth of roses. (The more sun the merrier for roses to flower well.) Also Crabapple trees may look beautiful for a few weeks in the spring when they flower, but wait till later in the year, when they become a mess from all the dropping fruits. These trees were taken out along with overgrown and overcrowded hedges. Each plant has its own lifespan, and as they age, they develop diseases and other factors that can create problems for other plants in the same space. Tree roots push up sidewalks. Overgrown plants smother other plants. Pests and pathogens are living and breeding in the undergrowths. Gardens and soil need to be rejuvenated and replenished. This new garden has improved infrastructure, better drainage, and an overall healthier environment for plantings that reduce the risk of leaf blight, a fungal disease that fatally affects boxwoods.

            The main roses of the new garden are a tribute with the white ‘John F. Kennedy’ Tea Roses. They are flanked by the color-changing ‘Peace’ Tea Roses, with their shades of cream, yellow, pink, and crimson. Also planted are the taller ‘Pope John Paul II’ Roses, in honor of the first time a pope visited the White House in 1979.

            Some of you are posting that side-by-side comparison of the new garden vs. the “colorful” old garden. What you probably don’t know is that the colorful flowers are tulips, daffodils, and muscaris, which are spring-flowering bulbous plants that are only there for April and May. They were planted in the interchangeable sections of this garden, which are still there in the new garden. Now for summer, the “interchangeable” beds are planted with white Cleomes and lavender Hummingbird Mint. In a month or two, there will be other plants to replace them, perhaps autumn flowers like Chrysanthemums and Snapdragons. And then Tulips, Daffodils, and other Dutch bulbs will be planted again in those seasonal beds, and so on and so forth.”

      • Not astrology related either, but many are extremely upset Melania reconfigured Jackie Kennedy’ rose garden which had a historical theme. Numerous journalists have written about Melania’s fascination with Jackie & tried to emulate her iconic style on numerous occasions. When asked in 1999 about what kind of First Lady she’d be if her husband were President, she said, “I would be very traditional like Betty Ford or Jackie Kennedy. I would support him.” For example Melania’s powder-blue inauguration coat was reminiscent of what Jackie wore to JFK’s inauguration in 1961. I wonder if this fascination shows up in an astrological chart.

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