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“A wild provocateur”, “both human pogo and giddy rottweiler”, “the neon demon” – none of the descriptions of Keith Flint, lead vocalist with the band Prodigy, who has just been found dead, are soothing for an older generation. But for his myriad fans he was the godfather of rave, ‘a true pioneer, innovator and legend.’ His Firestarter video in the 1990s had Flint, covered in Satanic tattoos, eyes bulging wildly and his hair teased into Beelzebub-like horns snarling into the camera about being a “trouble starter”. He was banned by Tops of the Pops.

Born 17 September 1969 in London, he was seriously dyslexic and hyper-active as a child, became a roofer before moving onto the music scene. He was a tightly controlled and edgy Sun Pluto in Virgo square Mars in Sagittarius, so quite a powder keg of anger issues. He also had Uranus Jupiter Mercury in Libra and by all accounts behind the carefully manufactured public image was a helpful and kindly personality, who cared about wild animals and was a bird-watcher.

He evidently always said when he got to a certain point he’d go.  His Solar Arc Saturn was exactly opposition his Mars at the moment, having been square his Sun Pluto in 2015/16 so he would have been depressed and feeling hemmed in for a while. It may have been building for a while and Mars Saturn can be destructive.   And his Solar Arc Neptune is on the square to his Mercury also now which wouldn’t improve the clarity of his thinking.


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  1. Lovely guy, will be sadly missed.”Breathe” is my pick; I think the tracks fronted by Flint did better internationally, earlier breakbeat hardcore rave tracks like “Charly” had a very niche appeal to Britons of a certain (gen X’er) age. The prodigy came out of the uk rave scene, which emerged during the Neptune/Uranus/Saturn in Capricorn era, Flint became a more prominent front man as Uranus moved towards Aquarius bringing a big beat/electro punk sound.

    The ban was ridiculous, wasn’t it? When you think of all the misogynistic and twerking soft porn music videos of the 90’s and early 2000’s, that were probably more damaging.

  2. Such sad news. Even our Taoiseach/Prime Minister (of Ireland), Leo Varadkar, has tweeted about this sad loss (apparently he was a fan too). I’ve never been a hardcore rave/electronic dance music fan myself, but I still love and listen to The Prodigy’s three seminal ’90s albums, ‘Experience’, ‘Music For The Jilted Generation’ and ‘Fat Of The Land’. They aren’t just great albums of the dance genre – they’re great albums in music overall. I had frequently heard over the years about what a nice, gentle and generous guy Keith Flint was. He was an electrifying live performer. What a sad loss.

  3. It speaks volumes that Keith was the only major star to talk to the much-maligned James
    Blunt, after being snubbed by more edgier musicians

    Such kindness is very rare in the music business.

    Keith was a class act and the Prodigy made some great records.
    Another gifted performer who was broken by the grey fog of depression.

  4. “A wild provocateur”, “both human pogo and giddy rottweiler”, “the neon demon” – none of the descriptions of Keith Flint, lead vocalist with the band Prodigy, who has just been found dead, are soothing for an older generation.”

    I was turning 20 when “Firestarter” came out. And I’m now turning 43. I loved Prodigy, despite not having particularly been into dance music or punk previously, so this makes me feel young.

    There also definitely is a generational aspect in Flint’s passing. Actor Luke Perry also died on monday. He was best known as Dylan from “Beverly Hills 90210”. This series was also a generational experience to late Gen Xers. My friends and I were too old, or too young, to openly swoon over him. The whole series was silly, in our opinion. But we still watched it, and I think many of us had, in fact, a crush on Luke Perry.

    What’s interesting is that Luke Perry, like Flint, apparently was an incredibly nice guy, too. I’ve read dozens of messages on random acts of kidness.

  5. Was so sad by this news – he was a lovely guy. All that Mars square Pluto/Sun energy loves a musical big, pounding beat. Loved the Prodigy back in the day.

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