Keanu Reeves – another multiple Virgo with a zest for constant action



Keanu Reeve’s hugely successful franchise John Wick is to be turned into a Starz tv drama series, though he won’t be playing a leading role, being tied up in the mark 3 JW movie due out in 2019.

Born 2 September 1964 5.41 am Beirut, Lebanon with an English mother and a father of Hawaiian-Chinese descent, who was imprisoned for dealing heroin, he had a fractured childhood moving round the world with a succession of stepfathers. In his adult life, a steady girlfriend gave birth to a stillborn baby and was killed herself later in a car accident, so he hasn’t had an easy  life , despite a run of smash-hit blockbusters including The Matrix.

He has a Virgo Sun conjunct Mercury, Uranus, Pluto in his 12th so he carries a good deal of inner turmoil – with a regretful singleton Saturn in Pisces sitting in opposition in his 6th house. He’ll channel a good deal of his restlessness and angst into work. He has Jupiter in indulgent Taurus in the much-travelled 9th in a spiritual/idealistic opposition to Neptune which is also sextile/trine a highly emotional and passionately enthusiastic Mars Venus (Moon) in Cancer. A complicated individual.

He’s got a great deal of mileage ahead of him with tr Saturn now across his IC and on the rise for the next two decades. He’s nearly out of several years of Neptune oppositions to his Virgo planets and three years of the tr Uranus square Pluto hitting on his Moon. And he’s moving towards a major major success come 2021/22 with tr Pluto trine his Jupiter. Though with an intensely emotional phase before then with tr Pluto opposition his Mars Venus from this April till 2020.


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