Katy Perry & Orlando Bloom – an intense match



Another glitz and glitter moment as Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom announce their engagement after an on-off romance since 2016. She’s a singer/songwriter, one of the best-selling music artists of all time and he’s a mega successful actor – Lord of the Rings, the Hobbit, Pirates of the Caribbean. Her previous short-lived marriage to Russell Brand proved a disaster; and Bloom has also had a brief marriage.

Katy Perry,  25 October 1984 7.58 am Santa Barbara, CA (astrotheme) grew up in a peripatetic and fairly poverty-stricken obsessively religious family and started in gospel singing. She has a heavy chart with an intense Sun Pluto in Scorpio in her 12th (time being accurate) and a downbeat Mercury, Saturn, Moon in Scorpio as well. She has a wedge or bundle chart with all planets within just over a sextile which makes for very concentrated energy and a strong sense of direction. What lifts the heavy feel of Saturn Pluto and Scorpio is an enthusiastic and lucky Mars Jupiter in Capricorn and a flirtatious Venus Uranus in fiery Sagittarius. But she’s a complicated mix which won’t make relationships easy.

Orlando Bloom, 13 January 1977 9.15 am Canterbury, England, only discovered in his teens that his real father wasn’t who he’d thought, so didn’t have an uncomplicated childhood either.

He has an ambitious Capricorn Sun in the creative 12th trine a confident and lucky Jupiter in Taurus; with filmic Neptune on his midheaven. Birth time being accurate he’s got a private, intense collection of Pluto, Scorpio Moon and Uranus in his 8th, which will give him the knack of projecting an aura, but won’t make close relationships easy.

His Jupiter falls in her 7th which is positive; and his Scorpio Moon is conjunct her Sun Pluto which will make for a deep though possessive connection. His Uranus is on her Ascendant and conjunct her Saturn, so he’ll jolt her out of her down moods. Though they’ll often have differing agendas.  His Mercury Mars in Capricorn are conjunct her Jupiter Mars which is lively and good. But his Pluto is square her Mars which will create problems down the road as to who has the last word in discussions.

Their relationship chart has a positive composite Jupiter square the Sun and Mercury and trine Jupiter which will smooth round a good many rough edges and be mutually supportive. There’s also a passionate composite Venus square Pluto. Birth times being sound, the composite Pluto is in the 10th which means together they could be influential as long as they don’t try to manipulate each other.

Both have fairly challenging charts and personalities so it won’t be a cakewalk. 2020 will be a testing phase for their togetherness.

Orlando Bloom Pic – Georges Biard


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