Katherine Schwarzenegger & Chris Pratt – a Gemini Sagittarius wedding


Katherine Schwarzenegger, eldest daughter of actor Arnold and JFK’s niece Maria Shriver, yesterday married actor Chris Pratt – Avengers: Infinity War and Endgame; Jurassic World 11 – in California. Hollywood gold. He’s been married before with one child. The bride sported a $400k engagement sparkler.

She was born 13 December 1989 6am Los Angeles; he 21 June 1979 4.31pm Virginia, Minnesota (both birth times astrotheme).

She’s a Sun Sagittarius with a home loving Moon Jupiter in Cancer; the constantly-changing triple conjunction of Uranus, Neptune, Saturn in Capricorn all conjunct Mercury; and an ultra-determined Mars in Scorpio widely conjunct Pluto, both in her 12th if the birth time is accurate. Not an easy or a settled personality with a good deal bubbling below the surface.

He’s a Sun Gemini with a heated and stubborn Taurus Moon conjunct Mars (conjunct Algol). His Venus in Gemini in the intense 8th opposes filmic Neptune and squares onto Saturn in Virgo  – undoubtedly creative and hard-working though also neurotic and critical.

His Venus and Sun fall in her 7th house of close relationships which is perfect; with his Sun conjunct her Moon Jupiter which is also highly positive. His Venus in Gemini chimes with her Venus in Aquarius.  But it won’t be the most harmonious of matches since his Neptune is conjunct her Sun so she’ll find him tricky to pin down; and her Pluto is conjunct his Uranus so her possessive streak may cramp his style. And both have megaton Mars so there may be standoffs.

Their relationship chart has a showbizzy composite Mars trine Neptune sextile Pluto; a mutually supportive Sun sextile Jupiter and a needs-space Moon opposition Uranus.

The wedding chart has a head-in-the-clouds Sun opposition Jupiter square Neptune; and a truly difficult Mars opposition Saturn Pluto.

This one will take work to make it work.

8 thoughts on “Katherine Schwarzenegger & Chris Pratt – a Gemini Sagittarius wedding

  1. Marjorie, what do you mean by, “Not an easy or a settled personality with a good deal bubbling below the surface.” Do you mean angry, obnoxious, or just anxious, nervous, highly strung but with anger issues? Wouldn’t that moon conjunct Jupiter smooth some of that out seen as it’s also the point of the handle in a bucket chart? I’ve found moon Jupiter people quite warm, generous and tactile and very easy to be around. I unfortunately have a moon Saturn conjunction and would imagine if that placement was put in place of the moon-Jupiter configuration the chart would be so much more harder to handle emotional wise?

    • Jo,
      She has Pluto and Mars both in her 12th house – as does Trump. Pluto in the 12th can be manipulative in a discreet/underhand and unconscious way; is often chaotic in terms of feelings which are kept hidden; wants to wield power in a secretive or unstraightforward way. Mars in Scorpio is intense, can hold grudges, is very all-or-nothing – but again being 12th house much of it will be kept under wraps. It will erupt into compacted and destructive anger from time to time, but even when not, it’ll still communicate to those around.
      Moon Jupiter tends to be sugary sweet but doesn’t have much depth of real emotion. Feeding the kid sweeties rather than making a heart connection. In her case given it is 8th house it would be grandma, probably Eunice Shriver, JFK’s sister, who was a megaton personality with Sun, Mars and Pluto in Cancer. But yes it can feel more positive on the surface.
      I would think from Katherine’s chart her gestation when mother Maria was pregnant with her would be exceptionally stressed. Maria and Arnold are a Mars Pluto relationship which produces an intense underground power struggle and a good deal of anger that can’t be expressed and that gets soaked up unconsciously by the child.

    • Well, my post was offered in jest. Jennifer Anniston was offered a sparkler worth 1 mill. I guess the size of the price tag today means more than the size of a guy’s heart 😉 I read somewhere that love has a half-life of about 8 months or so.
      On verra…

      • Million? Insane. I’m a practical virgo with a home-loving Cancerian moon, so a lifetime promise of Netflix boxset marathons, take-aways, and weekends out in the campervan with the pets would win me over anyday than a silly ring, lol. All that flashing of cash is just so unattractive. The price tags of these rings just smacks of deep insecurity. Its as if these couples are screaming, ”This is genuine! This is true! This is FOREVER!!!” And then 18 months later they are heading for the divorce courts. Comical and sad at the same time. I would assume the more expensive the ring the sooner the divorce. Cynical moose that I am 😀

  2. Show biz weddings demand show biz sparklers. $400K ? It was a struggle to cough up $500 for my fiance’s ring in 1980. 😉 Alas! Times change, as do prices.

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