Karl Lagerfeld – he did it his way



Karl Lagerfeld, the astonishingly successful fashion designer who transformed a moribund Chanel into the world’s leading brand, freelanced across various labels and constantly reinvented himself, has died of pancreatic cancer. He was famously acid-tongued and given to hate-festes with people who displeased him. His long-time partner died of AIDs aged 38 though he said he never had sex with him, only with high class prostitutes. He created a mythology around himself with his pony tail, dark glasses and eye-catching black and white outfits – and Choupette his cat.

Born 10 September 1933 in Hamburg Germany, he had his Sun, Mercury and Neptune in Virgo, so was hard-working and creative, as well as nit-picky in his criticism. That was especially so given his Mars in vengeful Scorpio sat in sextile to his Virgo planets and in a hard-edged square to cool Saturn in Aquarius. He also had a controlling and innovative Cardinal T Square of Venus in elegant Libra opposition Uranus square Pluto in Cancer – overflowing with initiative, restless, constantly think about new ideas.

His creative 5th and 7th Harmonic were notable; as was his leaving-a-legacy 17H and superstar 22H.


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  1. I think he was born before Noon and was a Taurus Moon. He had that tongue, but apparently, was genuinily caring and incredibly protective towards many people (and that’s actually Mars in Scorpio trait, as well). And he single handedly saved certain artesan professions in France by making haute couture interesting and desireable again. Very Taurus Moony, to me.

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