Kanye West – the impossible nightmare


Kanye West has indicated he intends to run for the 2020 Presidential election though it’s not clear whether that is even possible this late in the game let alone worth the money. Though no doubt would be good for stirring up publicity for his brand.    All the USA needs is another narcissistic, unstable and grandiosely delusional Gemini at the helm and we can write the country off for good.

He is the most successful rapper of the 21st Century, but does go off the rails from time to time, at one point causing outrage among fellow musicians and civil rights activists by implying black people were to blame for their enslavement. In an interview he said: ‘Slavery – for 400 years? That sounds like a choice. It’s like we’re mentally in prison.”

He’s had a history of instability including one psychotic break with hallucinations and paranoia, suicidal impulses and opioid addictions; and did at one point declared his love for Donald Trump.

Born 8 June 1977 Atlanta, Georgia with an unverified time of 8.45am, his mother was an English Professor and his father who left the family when Kanye was three was a former Black Panther. He spent some of his childhood in China where his mother was teaching. And is now married to Kim Kardashian with three children.

He’s a Sun Jupiter in Gemini opposition Neptune square a Pisces Moon; with his Sun Jupiter also trine Pluto and sextile Saturn in self-important Leo. The Neptune Pluto contact is often seen in mega-successful charts, having a hint of megalomania about it. And that Mutable T Square is very finely balanced mentally.  His determined and passionately enthusiastic Venus Mars in Taurus opposes Uranus for a high-octane, volatile temperament which likes an adrenaline-rush and dislikes compromise.

He’s on his mid life crisis this year with tr Uranus opposition his Uranus and moving to a ratchety, high-tension square to his Saturn in 2021. But there’s nothing much showing on his chart which would indicate elation or deflation around the time of the election.

He’s supported by Elon Musk – sigh – and there’s a Dr Strangelove combo if ever there was on. There are some positive crossovers with Musk’s Venus conjunct Kanye’s Sun Jupiter but it wouldn’t last too long with an argumentative composite Sun square Mars in their relationship chart; and a strained Yod of Mars sextile Venus inconjunct Uranus.

West’s interface with Trump with whom he supposedly had a bearhug bond is sliding from now onwards into 2021 with tr Neptune square the composite Sun and a jolting tr Uranus opposition the composite Neptune.

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  1. Can you look at Kanye and Kim’s chart’s? He just spoke out against Planet Parenthood saying they’re the devil’s at work. His wife publicly supports them.

    • … and she has been very quiet since his comments. Latest report I saw is ‘family is concerned he is having another bipolar episode’ etc. etc. It makes me think he is not living in the same vicinity, much less house, as them.

      I think Marjorie did their charts as well as updates some time ago, so if you search under ‘Kim and Kanye’ I think those write ups may provide some insight that spans to this time period. Or maybe another update is useful now??

      • They are just such a repellent pair – well I suppose one ought to be sympathetic about his mental state but it’s not easy. His BML is conjunct Algol and hers is conjunct her Sun. There you go.

  2. Kanye West is a total idiot. To begin with, if that fool really is serious about running for president (which appears to be a publicity stunt) then he’s already missed the filing deadline in most of the critical swing states (Arizona, Michigan, Texas, North Carolina, etc.).

    He would have to hope for a massive write-in campaign (which is unlikely; I doubt his supporters, if he even has any, are capable of galvanizing such a collective effort).

    Lastly, most Black voters are not going to vote for Kanye West (especially since he’s a Trump loyalist). Many actually hate Kayne West with a passion.

    All in all, Joe Biden is going to win this election hands down. The GOP’s dirty tricks are not working. We’re reaching near 2008 levels of Democratic turnout in the primaries and Trump’s polling numbers are tanking.

    Chris Romero
    Jacksonville, Florida, U.S.

    • As much as I would like to believe that Biden has a clear path to election, and completely dismiss Kanye as an impossibility, and distraction from Trump’s ineptitude at best, I think he unfortunately does need to be taken seriously. If the 2016 election taught the U.S. anything about the nature of the Presidential campaign in the internet age, it’s that there is potential for even the most absurd candidate to be elected if they are propped up by enough money, and propaganda. This is the playing field that economic inequality, insufficient education, disinformation, disillusion, disaffection, polarization, and delusion have created in the U.S. The U.S. electorate is confounded enough by politics in some places that people will cast their vote as an act irony or spite, despite evidence that it’s in opposition to their best interests.

      The news today that Kanye is distancing himself from Trump is an interesting development, and honestly could be coordinated by the two of them. He seems poised to pitch himself not just as a voice for Black America (particularly his fan base), but he’s going to strongly court Evangelical Christians as well. I don’t recall when exactly, but I read an article sometime over the past year, a few months after he began hosting his regular Sunday services, that he and the Evangelical prosperity Gospel preacher Joel Osteen were teaming up to go on a tour complete with merch booths selling exorbitantly expensive Jesus t-shirts, and other malarkey. Osteen is the individual who wouldn’t provide refuge to displaced Houstonians in the Astrodome (home of his church), in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey. Why anyone would be fooled by these people is beyond me, but it again speaks to where things are truly at in the U.S. right now.

      Elon Musk also seems to be on board with this for whatever reason it may serve to his own ego, and/or profitability for his business ventures. I wouldn’t be surprised if other Silicon Valley types like Mark Zuckerberg decide to buy a ticket for this crazy train as well.

      So while I don’t think Biden needs to be afraid, I think it does signal that he needs to be extremely wise about who he picks for his running mate, and how he continues to conduct his campaign, and if he can gently expose Kanye’s campaign for the vain, and vapid venture it’s destined to be. He has the support of many, but there is still room to grow.
      It’ll be equally as curious to see how the GOP responds to these new, and bizarre developments. Here’s to hoping American politics can be diverted from the broken tracks of the reality TV reality tunnel.

      • You’re obviously not black, nor do you know any black people if you believe that anyone black is going to vote for Kanye then you’re delusional because after Kanye embraced Trump his black card was cancelled.

        Kanye is just huffing and puffing but Biden may have trouble getting out the black youth vote which it looks as if he will need given the tightening polls.

  3. He had an accident in 2002 – and it might have caused serious damage to his frontal lobe. The behavourail change came after that (from what I’ve read).

  4. Yes, we have much more information these days to the point of overload. Plus the internet and social media in particular (as well as the invention of ‘reality tv’) sort of forces us to see things through a microscopic lens. It has magnified everything. Everything positive and everything negative. If you took reality tv and social media away, the Kim’s and Kanye’s of this world would become irrelevant to an extent.

    Chances are, the more internet savvy you are, when one person finds out what Kanye West is up to, in turn the vast majority of the internet users also become ‘privileged’ about Kanye’s news. Gone are the days (for most us) when the journalists did the digging and we read the newspapers to keep up-to-date with what’s going on, if we could bother ourselves. Life seemed slower when we put our attention on other things. The internet and social media seem to steal every second we are on the computer. Best to take regular time out from it otherwise it becomes insidious!

    • ‘Gone are the days (for most us) when the journalists did the digging and we read the newspapers to keep up-to-date with what’s going on, if we could bother ourselves. ‘

      Yeah but I think these days journalists don’t question, challenge and dig like they would before and expose like they would before. For many, we now have come to terms with the fact that, in terms of important social issues, it feels like many conventional/traditional media toe the line of whatever power, for preservation and by default promote such. Hence why social media has exploded as it has, to access the common man which makes them feel inclusive.

      • even when conventional/traditional media accesses latches on to the power of the common man, it seems to do it more for views/likes, dependent on the day!!!! The nature of God is still a paradise, but the nature of man … well … hmmm!! Sad.

      • Sigh, all comes down to money. The old style proprietors are gone – some of them were rogues admittedly – but nowadays all run by accountants and deep-dive research is very expensive. So they tend to go for the brew-it-up in 24 stories which can be cobbled together from cuttings.

  5. Kanye’s Mercury aligns with Algol, a very intense fixed star sometimes known as the Gorgon’s Head. It squares Trump’s Leo Mars, and sits on his MC. Algol can be amazingly creative, or amazingly destructive.

    Apparently, he’s missed some registration deadline, so is unlikely to be able to run for president…… What on earth brought all these unhinged people out onto the world stage? Was it always like this? Do we just have more information these days? Please, make it stop!

    • ‘What on earth brought all these unhinged people out onto the world stage? Was it always like this? Do we just have more information these days? Please, make it stop!’

      – Yes, I think they have always been around ….!
      – Yes again, these days the power of internet coupled with access to social media platforms by-passing conventional media reporting, everyone and anyone’s voice can be heard if they generate or have enough clout on them. Old Jamaican saying ‘Too much of one thing is good for nothing’.
      – So can’t stop, not going to stop. I guess, the key is finding the balance. It’s not necessarily a bad thing to really know what our real world looks like cause it’s made up of what people think. We are really just getting to know the world we are living in. So, we can play our part in whatever small way to counteract some of the craziness because belief systems start from conditioning and experience.

      Just my opinion!!

  6. Kanye hasn’t been the same person since the tragic death of his mother.

    I doubt he has a realistic chance of being POTUS, despite his massive fan base. He is far too
    mentally unstable.

  7. Thanks Marjorie

    If anything he would split the vote for Biden and hand Trump re-election.

    Anyway, is Sun Jupiter opp Neptune a more pronounced head in the clouds mitigated by the mega success Neptune Pluto? Does all this make him just always want to prove he can go mega big right off the bat? Hope that makes some sort of sense.

  8. I’ll NEVER forgive him if he allows HER to become first lady.

    Hopefully The idea of mother in law Kris Jenner pulling behind the scenes strings in order to further her personal interests at the expense of a nation should be enough to dissuade anyone from voting for him.

  9. He’s a moron and attention seeking at best, Gap should be ashamed for working with this man. Mental health is overlooked in Hollywood. Marrying a Kardashian (fake billionaires) to compete with Jay and Beyoncé. I don’t see this man’s music selling like his first few projects, he’ll run to “fashion” to save face. They really don’t know how much being associated with Trump kills character and it appears they now want a different narrative.

  10. Kanye is off his meds again. He really needs to get the therapy that he didn’t receive after his mom transitioned.

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