July Eclipses – over the top and argumentative

The Total Solar Eclipse at 10 degrees Cancer on 2 July is in a Saros series which is prone to being overly-excessive, either of obsessive worry or large-scale plans that get out of control. It was around in this series previously in 2001 (at zero degrees Cancer), 1983, 1965, 1947.

The Eclipse is opposition Saturn, with Saturn conjunct Pluto so the mood will be sombre anyway. It will have special significance for the UK, EU and Germany all of whom have their Sun opposition this degree in Capricorn or very close. The USA 13 degree Cancer Sun will also be affected.

An Eclipse conjunct the Sun usually indicates a good going crisis, a time at the crossroads where decisions need to be made about whither and how for the future. In opposition it points to the individual/country not always being right and having to rethink their attitudes and approach. It can blast fresh air through a stuck situation.  The events need not occur on the day itself but any time over coming months.

The Eclipse does have a volatile Uranus square Mars Mercury which for the UK hints at significant domestic changes and argumentative relationships. For the USA with Uranus on the Descendant it points to partnership rifts.

Its path is mainly across the Pacific and Chile and Argentina.

The July 16th Partial Lunar Eclipse at 24 degrees Capricorn is likely to be felt most clearly in the USA since it collides with the fanatical, dogmatic Mercury in Cancer opposition Pluto in the USA 1776 chart; and also in Saudi Arabia with its Sun Jupiter in Capricorn (conjunct Saturn) at that degree. It will be especially heavy since the Moon will conjunct Pluto and Saturn and the Sun oppose.

6 thoughts on “July Eclipses – over the top and argumentative

  1. Wow Marjorie, is there nothing good about this eclipse? My birthday is on 3 July so the above is what I have to look forward to as my solar return? One whole year…. Depressing already. Oh wait, that may actually be the effects of the above kicking in already.

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