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Julian Assange has had his life’s blood cut off with Ecuador blocking his internet connection at its London embassy where he has been holed up in cramped accommodation since 2012. He recently put posts out questioning accusations that Moscow was responsible for the poisoning of a Russian ex-spy and his daughter which broke an agreement that he would not interfere in other countries’ affairs. The Swedish authorities have dropped their investigation into sexual assault allegations, but he still faces charges in the UK for bail-jumping and fears he’ll be extradited to the US over WikiLeaks.

Tr Saturn is moving to square his Uranus from April 2nd, returning in December at which point it opposes his Cancer Sun. And tr Saturn is also moving through his low-profile First Quadrant, which can sometimes bring up unresolved psychological issues as well as not supporting earlier successes. Tr Uranus is also about to move into his 6th house of health, which could exacerbate the strain he is under. He’ll have a couple of confident months in September/October and some lift in 2019 but his way ahead is a winding road; with major aggravations in 2021.

From a previous January post:

Julian Assange has moved from being Ecuador’s shining badge of honour in the fight for freedom to being ‘more than a nuisance’ and an ‘inherited problem’ by the new President. An attempt to get him diplomatic immunity as an Ecuador representative failed and they are now actively seeking a way of getting him out of the tiny London Embassy – with only one bathroom and murmurs that he doesn’t wash too often.

Tr Saturn is sliding down his 1st house and quadrant, pulling him away from his glory days. Tr Saturn is also aiming to make a jolting square to his Uranus in April and December and thence to oppose his Cancer Sun before the New Year. He will be on edge and more discouraged than before.

Though with a lucky break coming late March for two weeks lifting his hopes and flashes of his old bullish self-confidence through the autumn.

Relocating his chart to Ecuador does put the MC in early Capricorn so it will catch the tr Saturn conjunction, perhaps bringing a series of reality-checks through this year.

London was always going to be his nightmare location since it puts his Pluto on his IC, with his Sun in the hidden 12th; and his infuriated and trapped Mars in the 8th. If and when he gets out, if free he certainly won’t be returning with any glee.

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  1. Horoscope Julian P. Assange rectified as 14h, 52m, 12 s. local time.

    Progressive aspects and transits.

    11 April 2019:

    11-Apr-2019 013°,46’13 Capricorn Asc 90 Chiron.

    30-Sep-2006 -18°,38’31 Moon # Sat
    30-Sep-2006 -18°,38’02 Moon // Nep

    4 October 2006: Wikileaks registered.
    4-Oct-2006 -18°,34’49 Moon // mutual Nep

    31 December 2006: Wikileaks strategy outlined.

    31-Dec-2006 013°,34’29 Leo Sun 135 AR07 (arabic part)
    31-Dec-2006 011°,59’19 Aquarius Moon 45 Pars


    27-Dec-2006 017°,59’41 Aquarius Nep 180 MC
    29-Dec-2006 -23°,00’60 Mars # Sun
    29-Dec-2006 007°,38’36 Sagittarius Jup 30 Moon
    29-Dec-2006 -23°,02’32 Mars # Ven
    30-Dec-2006 024°,32’28 Leo Sat 45 Ura
    30-Dec-2006 026°,59’19 Sagittarius Plu 90 Pars
    31-Dec-2006 -23°,09’49 Mars # Merc
    31-Dec-2006 017°,59’41 Sagittarius Mars 120 MC
    31-Dec-2006 024°,28’30 Leo Sat 60 C-12

    Transit 024°,28’30 Leo Sat 60 C-12 occurs 3 times: 10 November 2006,
    31 December 2006 and 20 July 2007.

    The 26th Chaos Communication Congress (26C3) is the annual four-day conference organized by the Chaos Computer Club (CCC). It takes place from December 27th to December 30th 2009 at the bcc Berliner Congress Center in Berlin, Germany.
    The Congress offers lectures and workshops on a multitude of topics and attracts a diverse audience of thousands of hackers, scientists, artists, and utopians from all around the world. The 26C3s slogan is “Here Be Dragons”.
    For 26 years, the congress is organized by the community and appreciates all kind of participation. You are encouraged to contribute by volunteering, setting up and attending hands-on events or presenting your own projects to fellow hackers.

    29-Dec-2009 027°,09’26 Virgo MC 0 Plu


    27-Dec-2009 025°,28’31 Aquarius Jup 120 Ven
    28-Dec-2009 024°,28’30 Aquarius Nep 120 C-12
    28-Dec-2009 025°,35’30 Aquarius Jup 90 AR04 (arabic part)
    28-Dec-2009 006°,43’09 Capricorn Sun 45 Chiron
    28-Dec-2009 025°,38’17 Aquarius Jup 135 Sun
    30-Dec-2009 019°,02’39 Leo Mars 30 C-11
    30-Dec-2009 024°,32’28 Aquarius Nep 135 Ura
    30-Dec-2009 +18°,38’02 Mars # Nep
    30-Dec-2009 +18°,38’31 Mars // Sat

    26th Chaos Communication Congress.
    Here be dragons.

    Day Day 1 – 2009-12-27
    Room Saal1
    Start time 17:15
    Duration 01:00
    ID 3567
    Event type Lecture
    Track Society
    Language used for presentation English
    Did you attend this event?
    Give Feedback

    WikiLeaks Release 1.0.
    Insight into vision, motivation and innovation.

    During the last 12 months WikiLeaks representatives have been talking at numerous conferences, from technology via human rights to media focused, in an effort to introduce WikiLeaks to the world. WikiLeaks has had major document releases that have spawned attention in all major newspapers by now, it has triggered important reform and has established itself as part of the accepted media reality.
    Little did we have the chance though to talk about a bigger picture, especially of how we perceive the future and its constraints.
    We therefore would like to talk about our vision of the information society, journalism’s role in that society, as well as our role in it. Along this vision we will introduce new features for WikiLeaks Release 1.0, that will be no short of changing the world as we all know it.

    1-Aug-2010 +15°,44’31 Sun // Plu
    16-Aug-2010 005°,07’39 Aries Moon 120 mutual C-12
    17-Aug-2010 005°,08’45 Aries Moon 60 mutual Sat
    22-Aug-2010 027°,17’45 Aquarius C–3 90 Jup
    24-Aug-2010 005°,08’50 Gemini Sat 180 mutual C-12
    31-Aug-2010 000°,42’37 Aquarius C–2 60 Nep


    13-Aug-2010 +01°,11’51 Sat # Pars
    14-Aug-2010 029°,59’00 Pisces Ura 120 Asc
    14-Aug-2010 027°,26’50 Aquarius Nep 135 Black Sun
    16-Aug-2010 010°,38’17 Libra Mars 90 Sun
    16-Aug-2010 002°,59’41 Capricorn Plu 135 MC
    17-Aug-2010 -04°,20’10 Mars # C-11
    20-Aug-2010 027°,17’45 Aquarius Nep 90 Jup
    21-Aug-2010 002°,59’41 Libra Sat 45 MC
    21-Aug-2010 028°,46’13 Leo Sun 135 Chiron
    22-Aug-2010 014°,59’00 Libra Mars 45 Asc
    24-Aug-2010 015°,42’37 Libra Mars 45 Nep
    24-Aug-2010 029°,39’53 Pisces Ura 180 Black Moon
    25-Aug-2010 001°,41’15 Aries Jup 60 Sat
    25-Aug-2010 027°,09’26 Aquarius Nep 150 Plu
    25-Aug-2010 016°,41’15 Libra Mars 135 Sat
    25-Aug-2010 027°,09’06 Aquarius Nep 45 AR02 (arabic part)

  2. Check out Assange’s 18th Harmonic which contains a Grand Sextile( I think that’s what Marj calls it)….anyway in this 18H we have:
    Sun-Neptune trine Mercury-Chiron…..and both ends of the trine are sextile a stellium of Moon-Jupiter-Pluto.
    18H common in criminal charts.

  3. I always crinch when media reports Swedish Authorities “dropping” the charges against Assange, because it implies he was found not guilty. They didn’t. They met statute of limitation. Sweden has some of the most forgiving statute of limitation in The World. Even murder charges have statute of limitation – 30 years. This means that even if they found Olof Palme’s real killer(s), they’d get away. This is different from even other Nordic Countries largely sharing the Judical System.

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