Juan Carlos – karmic payback for hubris + Queen Sophia

Spain’s former King Juan Carlos, once a shining hope for democracy after he steered the country when Franco’s dictatorship ended, has voluntarily gone into exile in disgrace. He has been linked to an inquiry into alleged corruption surrounding a Saudi Arabian contract worth several billions. He said he would be available if prosecutors needed to interview him, having lost his immunity after he abdicated in 2014. In March this year his son, King Felipe VI, renounced the inheritance of his father and stopped Juan Carlos’ annual state grant.

For more detail see previous post June 18 2020: Spain – A Gigantic Royal Scandal.

Juan Carlos, 5 January 1938 1.15pm Rome, Italy, is a pushily-confident, rules-don’t-apply-to-me type with a can-be-arrogant Jupiter in Aquarius conjunct his Capricorn Midheaven opposition a 4th house Pluto. He also has a creative Saturn opposition Neptune square an 8th house Mercury in Capricorn.

His 9th Harmonic chart is exceptionally strong which is the one about aiming for pleasure and especially money. His rise-and-fall, wheel-of-fortune 10th harmonic is also notably stressed.

Relocating his chart to Riyadh put his Sun and Jupiter in the financial 8th with his Pluto in the financial 2nd.  That figures.

With tr Saturn now poised to cross his Midheaven he could, had he taken care, been about to embark of a successful few years – but Saturn’s tendency to extract a karmic payback for misdeeds has obviously clicked into gear with the double whammy of a reputation-denting tr Pluto following quickly behind.

Queen Sophia, his long-suffering wife who put up with years of his philandering with great elegance and grace, is staying in Spain. She was born 2 November 1938 8.15 pm in Athens, the eldest child of King Paul and sister to the later deposed King Constantine of Greece. She spent her childhood partly in Egypt and in WW11 exile in South Africa, was educated in Germany and England and married when she was 24.

She has a stalwart and private though playful and sporting 5th Scorpio Sun in a needs-space opposition to Uranus. She also has a disciplined and used-to-tough-conditions 10th house Saturn in forced to be self-reliant Aries opposition Mars. She also has Neptune in the 4th so would be brought up understanding that family sacrifices were part of her existence.

It isn’t as bad a relationship as it might have appeared since his Capricorn Sun and Venus fall in her 7th and his Jupiter in her 8th; and his Moon is conjunct her Jupiter.

Their relationship chart has a passionate composite Mars Venus conjunction though admittedly it does square a can-be-disappointing Neptune which tends to turn dreams dust. The composite Sun is sextile an upbeat Jupiter, trine a dutiful Saturn and inconjunct Uranus. A so so relationship chart, which has its downside but also a fair few plus points. It may be that her Sun opposition Uranus appreciated personal space and her Mars Saturn would certainly acclimatise her to self-sacrifice and difficulties.

He was an exceptionally attractive man when younger so perhaps she knew what she was getting into. She was also brought up Royal and they have a different attitude to what are akin to arranged marriages. They may make the choice themselves but from a limited range of suitors since they incline towards keeping up their Royal style.

She does have a Yod of Mars sextile Pluto inconjunct a sensitive Pisces Moon on her Midheaven which will have made her exceptionally self-protective about her feelings, withdrawing into a shell when they threatened to become overwhelming. Such a Moon would suit her for charity and public work caring for the disadvantaged. Though she has faced criticism for her views on homosexuality, same sex marriage and abortion.

She has clearly been stressed recently with a road-blocked Solar Arc Sun opposition her financial Pluto last year; and the tr Saturn Pluto moving through her 8th; But she also looks relieved in the immediate future with her Solar Arc Jupiter conjunct her Uranus; and she’s clearly in a phase of great change with her Solar Arc Uranus square her Sun; and tr Uranus opposing it.

2 thoughts on “Juan Carlos – karmic payback for hubris + Queen Sophia

  1. This seems like a destiny, to born and to die in an “exile”, an undoubtably pampered one.

    I was reading an article on Corinne Larsen, who, in a way, brough Juan Carlos down, and came here to see whether you’d written a new post on him – and here we are! I wonder whether you could add something on Corinne, born January 28th 1965, because Juan Carlos’ affairs were such an open secret even before she met Corinne that my high school Spanish teacher mentioned them maybe back in maybe 1992-1993. Also, maybe on Queen Sophia, who really seems like the last of long suffering loyal royal ladies, but apparently intends to stay with her children in Spain.

    • Adding: I see Corinne was covered in June 18th post. However, that post has 1964 as her year of birth, Wiki 1965. I wouldn’t put it past a socialite to brush away a couple of years from their age, and German private data isn’t always easy to come by.

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