Johnny Depp – returning to the arena at Cannes

Never say never in film land as Johnny Depp makes a comeback from three years in the wilderness after his ugly legal battle with ex-wife Amber Heard damaged his reputation. After her allegations of abuse – which he denies – he was dropped from the lucrative Fantastic Beasts franchise and shunned by the major US studios. But France is France and the director and co-star of his latest venture Jeanne du Barry launched at Cannes is Maiwenn. She is the ex-wife of Luc Bresson whom she started dating when she was 15 and he 32, and is fervently anti-#METoo. Critics have been less than rapturous about the movie. But Depp is still smiling having just signed a new $20 million three year deal to be the face of the fragrance Dior Sauvage. Sales evidently skyrocketed after his gruesome libel trials.   

  Born 9 June 1963 8.44am Owensboro, Kentucky, he is a Sun Gemini with a Capricorn Moon and an inflammatory collection of Uranus, Mars, Pluto in Virgo. He has a charming Venus Mercury in Taurus in his 10th which squares a 7th house Saturn (= relationships always involve effort). Most notably he has a Yod onto Jupiter inconjunct Neptune sextile Pluto  –  so blessed with luck though his good fortune can be undone by arrogance and over confidence.

 Over the past year plus his Progressed Moon has been moving through his 8th house as the long run of court cases and counter suits came to an end – leaving him surveying the wreckage of his reputation. That has another ten months to run at the end of which he should/may have acquired a different set of values.

   Jupiter is moving across his 10th from the end of this month to August 2024 for an upbeat career phase, so something will be going right for him. Though there’ll be a few disruptions from tr Uranus square his Saturn from this August onwards and conjunct his 10th house Venus Mercury in 2024 – so it won’t all be plain sailing.

  Saturn through his 8th from early 2024 for two plus years will throw him back on his own resources but he will continue to get work for years ahead.

  Maiwenn, 17 April 1976 1.23am Les Lilas, France, is no stranger to emotional drama with her 4th house Cancer Sun square an 8th house Saturn and more significantly her Venus in Aries opposition Pluto square Mars in Cancer on the cusp of her 8th. She claimed both parents physically abused her as a child.

  However her Jupiter is conjunct Depp’s Midheaven with her Sun close by – so she will be good for his career and their shared experiences of difficult childhoods would give them a fellow feeling.

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