John Key starting and finishing with Obama – New Zealand changes ahead



John Key, PM of New Zealand has announced he’ll be retiring after eight years in the job. Given that he was born only five days after Barack Obama, it seems fitting they’ll bow out almost in tandem. An ex-Merrill Lyncher, he’s been a popular leader with little controversy sticking to him. He looks stressed and confused at the moment with tr Pluto trine his Mars/Pluto and square his Mars/Neptune; with a couple of Neptunian droops in early 2017. But he’s also facing a positive change of direction with tr Uranus trine his Sun in a few months’ time.

New Zealand is in a worrying time with a major earthquake in mid November and more minor ones still rumbling away; with the fear of worse to come. Plus Obama’s Trans Pacific Partnership is likely collapsing with Trump’s election.

The New Zealand chart always did look in for a very bumpy few years. Tr Uranus in early 2016 finished an emotionally jolting conjunction to the Aries Moon. Tr Pluto now proceeds to square the Moon from Feb 2017 for two years which suggests an angst-ridden population, with outbursts of feeling amongst the public.

There will be also be disruption/upheavals of a considerable size as tr Uranus squares the NZ MC at 23 Cancer in late March 2017; and then squares the NZ Sun at 26 Capricorn from May 2017 on and off until March 2018; and in 2018 tr Uranus will then square the NZ Mars and conjunct the NZ Pluto. So there’s an extended period where there will be changes in the country’s direction, insecurity, a collapse of an old order and some chaos before a new order is put into place.

NZ sailed through the 2008 recession in better order than most and is now experiencing an economic boom. But with low interests rates and property prices having doubled in a decade, there is some concern about the bubble bursting down the line.

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