John Bercow – gremlin in the chamber



John Bercow, the Speaker of the House of Commons, already under a cloud from allegations of bullying, caused a major upset yesterday in the chamber. He went against precedent to allow a vote which effectively skewered Theresa May, forcing her to produce a Plan B within three days if her Brexit deal is voted down.  The intent of it was to remove the possibility of a No-Deal turning up by mistake. Frankly I’m so bamboozled by (and irresponsibly bored with) the whole fandango I’m unclear whether it was a good or bad thing. Nailing T May’s feet to the floor wouldn’t seem that outrageous though the Brexiteers are up in arms and spitting tacks.

Bercow, born 19 January 1963, has a late Sun Capricorn catching the tr Uranus square now until mid February, so on high alert. He’s also got a pushily confident and risk-taking Jupiter opposition Uranus Pluto squaring onto a sociable Venus in Sagittarius; plus a hard-edged and short-tempered Saturn opposition Mars square Neptune (Moon) in Scorpio – aggravated and aggravating, slippery.

He looks fairly upbeat mid January to mid February though on a roller coaster through February; and very much on the edge of his seat over the late March exit date.

He’s never been a favourite with TMay with a composite Sun opposition Mars square Pluto in their relationship chart – and there are further slumps between them to come to in February. It’s going to be a long, hard haul to late March at Westminster. A sair fecht.


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