John Bercow – flinging the book at No 10



John Bercow, Speaker of the House, threw a spanner into the Brexit works yesterday by denying a further (third) vote on Theresa May’s deal unless it was substantially different from the previous one. Which seems reasonable since it’s been heavily defeated twice but his action has raised an almighty furore. And this despite the fact that she was rumoured to be considering pulling the vote if she looked like losing again which seemed likely. Now the word is she’s pushing ahead against Bercow’s ruling to hold the vote. Shambles isn’t the word for it.

Bercow, 10 January 1963 is a late degree Capricorn Sun with two contradictory T squares – one super-confident, pushy and frivolous with Jupiter opposition Pluto square Venus; and one gritty, slippery, short-tempered with Mars in Leo opposition Saturn square Neptune.

What’s for sure is that his relationship with Theresa May is one of deep dislike and hostility with a composite Sun Mercury opposition Mars square Pluto. It’s sagging even more badly than usual through April, worse in May right through till mid September. Though he’s likely to go sometime soon.


4 thoughts on “John Bercow – flinging the book at No 10

  1. He just announced at 15.38p.m., that he will step down on either 21 October or whenever business close on 31 October next.
    Had a swipe or 2 to make too in a fine speech.
    Any thoughts Marjorie?

  2. I’m confused. This is the 3rd post you’ve done on John Betcow but each occasion has a different birth date… 19th, 12th and now 10th.

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