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Renowned chef Joel Robuchon, the outstanding winner in the Michelin  stakes with 31 stars to his credit over a long career, has died. His piece de resistance was mashed potatoes, reputedly 50% butter. Although he started life in the upper echelons of French kitchens he got away from the stuffiness of haute cuisine and also diverted from midget-portion minceur into heartier dishes without the complication of too many flavours. He owned restaurants in cities across the world including Paris, Monaco, Hong Kong, Las Vegas, Tokyo and Bangkok, became a TV celebrity, wrote books, ran a cookery school and left his knowledge behind him.

Born 7 April 1945 4.30am Poitiers, France, his Sun was in pro-active Aries in his sharply intelligent 3rd house and his Moon was Aquarius, neither of which sound overly foodie. Though his Moon was in his 1st conjunct his Ascendant, so he’d come across as nurturing. What marks him out as a super-indulger is his Venus in Taurus on the focal point of a Fixed T Square to Pluto opposition Moon. He loved to treat himself and others to the pleasures of life.

His hard-working Saturn in the 6th trined a 2nd house Mars so he’d be a disciplinarian. His Mars was widely opposition a lucky-with-money 8th house Jupiter squaring onto a risk-taking Uranus – all in Mutable signs, giving him the ability to multi-task and spread his empire and abilities widely.

His get-it-together 5th harmonic was strong; as was his ‘obsessive dream’ 11H; the genius, breaking-with-the-orthodox 13H; leaving-a-legacy-for-history 17H; and the superstar 22H.

It’s an interesting mix of a chart with four Cardinal signs along with a Mutable and a Fixed T Square – loads of initiative, flexibility and sticking power.


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  1. What a person to have known! And…mashed potatoes! Ooo-la-la. Such a simple recipe for success! Most gourmet taters are too salty, IMHO. I want to buy his books!

    sans sel…

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