Joe Biden & Mitt Romney – here we go again



Joe Biden topped a recent poll for a possible Democratic candidate in the 2020 election, beating Sanders, Oprah and Warren. Long ways off, much water to flow under bridges before then. But a quick look suggests he has several influences in his favour then, and a few that aren’t.

At the election he has tr Pluto opposition his Jupiter for a confidence boost; and tr Jupiter square his Pluto over the Inauguration plus tr Pluto trine his Jupiter/Pluto midpoint. If his birth time (from memory) is sound then the tr Jupiter Pluto conjunction will be around the trine to his MC at the election. What’s not so great is the tr Jupiter Pluto square his Mars/Neptune midpoint in November 2020 which usually dashes hopes of a win; along with a blocked tr Saturn square his Solar Arc Pluto. Also tr Saturn is running through his 2nd house, the lowest point of his first quadrant through the campaign which will really pull down his energy. He may not put himself forward but he looks relatively upbeat until after January 2021 when tr Uranus moves to square his Pluto and opposes his Mars, which looks high-risk and extremely insecure.

Republican Mitt Romney also may or may not stand and is schtum about whether he’d take on Trump for the candidacy. He looks chirpy enough at the Inauguration with tr Pluto conjunct his Sun/Jupiter midpoint, and enthusiastic between the election and inauguration. But in general he’s labouring under tr Neptune squaring his Uranus from 2019 and approaching the conjunction to his Pisces Sun from March 2021 onward, which may undercut him; as well as Solar Arc Neptune square his Sun through 2020. Like Biden he looks fairly rocked by events of 2021 with tr Uranus opposition his Pluto and square his Venus.


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  1. @ Janet,

    Oh, really? Well, if it seems “highly likely” Donald Trump and the Republicans are expected to continue to “win big” (as you seem to *think*) in the Great Lakes / Rust Belt States, then why did Democrats just FLIP a traditionally hardcore Republican and predominately rural house district in WISCONSIN last night? Last night (Jan. 16, 2018), a special state legislative election was held in Wisconsin’s 10th Senate District (a traditionally Republican stronghold) where Democrat Patty Schachtner managed to DEFEAT Republican Adam Jarchow.

    So, you might want to actually get your facts straight before you start posting your pro-Trump talking points.

    Chris Romero
    Jacksonville, Florida

    • That is a big win. Hoped for, but unexpected. Straw polls show a possibility of many republican governors going down the Trump drain, too.

      Trump used to be a democrat. What if his goal is to destroy the republican party? He’s doing an excellent job of it.

  2. On Biden and Romney, I think the person who’ll swear in 2021 will probably have quite tumultous transits coming directly after The Elections, because this won’t be an easy Presidency. I would especially look at Pluto, since 2021 Inauguration Chart has Pluto sitting directly on MC. So, both Biden and Romney are possibilities, in that sense.

    I do think Biden should have ran in 2016. He probably would have, if it hadn’t been for losing his son. That probably trickered some PTSD, since he already lost his first wife and I think child(ren). This is very much losing for one guy, and although everybody tells Biden is very down to earth doer, I think he has struggled with depression.

    As for a Conservative Never-Trumper challenging Trump, it would be interesting to look at Jeff Flake. Him leaving a Senate Seat that’s actually in risk without him is an interesting move. Apparently, he is also going to give quite a speech in Senate on Wednesday. Watch that, it’s going to be an effective campaign launch for 2020.

  3. Politico has an article about how Trump’s cabal has already started evaluating the Democratic competition in 2020. Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren are easily beatable. Joe Biden is a threat and would siphon off Trump’s base. Cory Booker would be huge but has said he won’t run. Oprah Winfrey would be a huge vote getter. Mark Cuban would get under Trumps skin like no one else. The firey gal in California wouldn’t do well because people don’t know who she is.

    • “The firey gal in California wouldn’t do well because people don’t know who she is.” Oh, I’d say Kamala Harris is immensely better known at the moment than Obama was in January 2006, but let’s keep them thinking people don’t know her. She has 1.2 million followers in Twitter, and seems to be the favorite of “grassroot” workers who got Obama and now Doug Jones elected, as well. I still think she might be a VP first.

      That said, it’s probably good these people really are as clueless in Electoral Mathematics they seem to be – it was Sloppy Steve who had the genius idea on concentrating to Rust Belt Counties that did, eventually, deliver victory to Trump, by 70 000 votes.

      • Steve’s tactics are out in the open now. The 2020 election will be a rust-belt extravaganza.

        The comparison of Kamala Harris to Barack Obama, based solely on their renown in january 2006, leaves out a whole lot, comparison-wise. I actually laughed.

        Twitter accounts? Obama has 99.1 million followers. Oprah has 41.3 million. Cory Booker has 3.8. Biden has 2.7. Mark Cuban has 7.7. Bernie has 7.3. Warren has 4.3. Hillary has over 21 million.

        And in America, no one considers a hardline California liberal as “grass roots”.

  4. Janet, Trump started making big announcements about companies bringing jobs back to America a year ago. A recent follow-up report determined that few of those early promises had been fulfilled. There were indeed jobs, but significantly fewer than Trump’s people had said. The manufacturing problem was and is robotics, not President Obama’s guardianship of the economy before Trump came in. As for me, I like the minor bump-up in my 401(K) account, but not so much that I’m happy about my grandson’s future with asthma now there are no environmental standards in place at all, which is effectively where Trump’s EPA has taken us. It will be interesting to review cancer statistics a couple of years down the road too, now that companies can dump their poisons into our rivers with abandon again and offshore drilling can bring spills of the BP-level back to our coasts. Buckeye, you’re scaring me to death; what you say seems very plausible. Thank you, Marjorie, for reviewing Biden and Romney–both very decent men who put country over party.

  5. His policies (whatever that means at any given moment)aren’t working: Walmart, after getting their tax cuts are closing scores of stores; car plants are laying off people; scores of Sears stores are closing and the coal jobs he promised aren’t going to happen…and that’s just for starters.

  6. Whatever you think of Trump his jobs policy is working – Chrysler moving their heavy truck production from Mexico to Michigan being just one example. Big businesses also love his tax reforms and have been handing out large bonuses to their workers. It therefore seems highly likely that Trump will win big in the crucial Rust Belt States in 2020 giving him a 2nd term – or if not him a win for the GOP.

    • Oh Janet, you know who owns Chrystler and how they operate, Worldwide? Italians are the best – or the worst, depends on who you ask and when – in exploiting subsidies and tax cuts given for businesses. They also plan – although this is more European in general – in longer term than typical US listed firms. The point: I’ve seen Italians go and pack their bags the moment subsidies (they can be indirect) end. The only thing helping is giving workers high legal protection, such as high protection against dismissal. This is actually really strong in Italy, a reason companies seldom invest there, but also the reason companies with operations outside Italy will close everything else before their Italian operations. When I quit myself after working there for just two years, I got almost 6 months pay. People who have been working for a company for 10 or 20 years, can expect a couple of years worth of salary as their “fairwell gift”. The US workers really do not have any of this, andTrump Administration isn’t providing them with it. They will be tossed aside as soon as they so not serve a purpose

      And, BTW, “Rust Belt” won’t decide, in all probability, in 2020, and definitely won’t in 2024. The US demographics are changing, and South East and South West especially will look very different in 2024, especially after gerrymandeling will be ruled unconstitutional more widely. GOP know these are their last 2 or three elections, including midterms, they can win embracing white, non-college base.

      • Solaia, you keep so well informed about so much that you should check into the Russian vote hacking. Experts believe that Putin’s regime has changed the results of major elections in 18 countries, including the recent US election of Trump and the UK Brexit.

        It doesn’t matter how the demographics change in the US as long as there are hackable areas. Just a few thousand votes in vulnerable states gives the win via Electoral College to Putin’s Puppets. Putin is effectively master of the world at this point.

        • There is a book titled “The Cuckoo’s Egg”, more of a documentary than a fictional novel, goes into the story of hacking back in the late 80’s. I had read the book many years ago and suddenly found an urge to re-read it after the recent Brexit and US elections. Fascinating read, and while it really doesn’t point to anything in particular in modern times it’s amazing the depth of the cyber-espionage that’s been going on for many decades.

        • Buckeye, I’ve been on Russia story for a while. I think it’s possible – when Dutch had their General Elections last year, they had a paper vote due to this possibility -, but not likely they hacked the voting machines or/and that influenced the result.

          Their influence was more on information front. Not the silly memes memes on FB, or evident bots on Twitter, that have been covered. It was pushing the anti-Clinton news that was effective, since people already mistrusted her. They tried the same in French Presidential Elections with Macron, but were not successful, because Macron has been open about the possible “dirt” on himself. We were expecting the same in Finland, but probably saw it’s not worth it, because the sitting President is extremely popular and will probably be elected on first round, and pretends not to be for NATO membership (he actually is, and if/when Swedes will vote on this after their General Elections, we will too).

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