Joe Biden – a trampoline bounce ++ Jill


Joe Biden is back. A remarkable turnaround to a sagging campaign has struck it rich on Super Tuesday, narrowing the democratic field down to two – himself and Sanders.

Tr Jupiter is trine his Midheaven exactly now, birth time being accurate, for an uplift; and is also sextile his Sun/Mars midpoint and about to sextile his Mercury. Those are mildish influences and it says a good deal for his stamina that he has managed to overcome the tr Neptune opposition his Mars/Jupiter midpoint which picked up late February; and returns on and off into 2021 which tends not to bring success.

His fortunes are mixed in the near future – or at least his state of mind is – with tr Saturn conjunct his Solar Arc Mars and both square his Moon from early April to mid June, which might coincide with a stamina or health slump as well as an irritable mood. He is 77 and the pace on any campaign is punishing, this one especially. Tr Saturn squares his Jupiter/Pluto midpoint at the same time which tends to dent enthusiasm, bringing difficulties and separations.

Late March through April he’ll be gloomy with tr Neptune square his Moon/Pluto; with upsets and irritability also in April.

Tr Uranus picks up the square to his Pluto in May, repeating on and off into 2021. This can go either way, bringing huge upheavals for good or for ill. It may not immediately be obvious since his Pluto is anchored into his intense, super-determined Mars in Scorpio.

September to late October tr Saturn opposes his Jupiter which may bring financial shortages or a confidence dip. From late August to late December tr Pluto squares his Mars/Neptune midpoint which is generally not an indication of plans working out. Though, just to be tricky, tr Jupiter joins in over the election which will help lift the luck a touch. October to late January he’s also got a re-run of tr Neptune opposition his Mars/Jupiter midpoint which Ebertin describes as feelings of inferiority, plans without hope, delayed or difficult birth.

His Solar Return for November 2020 puts an upfront Sun in the 1st; with an exceptionally busy Pluto, Jupiter, Noon, Saturn in the 3rd – it doesn’t look super-successful but won’t be a quiet retirement.

The above influences are all about his personal reaction to the swings and roundabouts of the next few months and may not always mirror the results.

Add ON;

Jill Biden, his wife, born 3 June 1951 in New Jersey, is a teacher – a second marriage for both since his first wife and infant daughter died in a car crash and she was divorced. He had two other boys from his first marriage and he and Jill have a daughter.

Jill is an upfront and assertive Sun Mars in Gemini sitting on one leg of a talented Half Grand Sextile from a Jupiter in pro-active Aries opposition Neptune, sextile Pluto and Sun Mars – a go-getter and lucky as well as ambitious.

It’s an odd relationship with her strong Fire/Air temperament and his intensely emotional Sun, Venus, Mercury, Mars in Scorpio. She does have Venus in Cancer conjunct his Jupiter which will help but they are chalk and cheese. And her Sun Mars, maybe Gemini Moon, sits in his 7th conjunct his Saturn Uranus so it won’t all be sweetness and light.

Their relationship chart has a marked Jupiter which will help to smooth rough edges and bring enthusiasm – it squares the composite Sun and trines Neptune, sextile Saturn, which will bring some balance. The needs-space composite Venus square Uranus has probably been surmountable because of their respectively active careers.

She’s looking especially cheered up come late May into June and even more so in July to late September with tr Uranus conjunct her Mars/Jupiter and then Sun/Jupiter midpoints, repeating over the election. But whether that’s because he’s winning or she’s released from the rigours of campaigning as he retires isn’t clear.

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  1. If I recall correctly, Buttigieg has better transits going forward than the remaining candidates. Marjorie can correct me on this if I’m wrong. So here are my theories. Biden picks him as his running mate, or Biden is railroaded by either illness(Covid-19) or scandal via the GOP and the DNC has to pick the next viable Centrist, which would be Buttigieg, hence, he benefits from Biden’s falter. Bernie may suffer another cardio scare due to frustration from his failing campaign.
    Let’s see.

  2. Every election has surprises, However, this had to be one of the most surprising Super Tuesdays I’ve ever experienced. I’m a Biden supporter and I voted early for him here in Florida. I was pretty sure Biden would win Virginia, North Carolina, Arkansas, Tennessee, and Alabama (which he did, by significant margins too)….but I was ecstatic when Biden won states I didn’t think he would win.

    For example, Joe Biden managed to win Minnesota, Maine, and Oklahoma – these were all states Bernie Sanders won in the 2016 Democratic Presidential Primaries…so I assumed Sanders would win them again (and he didn’t). Also, Biden won Massachusetts…which was another huge surprise…Hillary Clinton won Massachusetts in the 2016 primaries…but I assumed Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth Warren would win it this time around. Didn’t happen though, Biden won it.

    I was also surprised by how competitive Texas was. Hillary Clinton easily won Texas (by 65%) in the 2016 primaries…so, I assumed Joe Biden won win it quite easily too. Well, Bernie Sanders managed to make inroads with Hispanic/Latinx voters and he came close….but Joe Biden still managed to win Texas by roughly 5 points in the end.

    And the last surprise was: Mike Bloomberg managed to win American Samoa (they have a caucus)…and Tulsi Gabbard (who was actually born there) came in second place and received 1 delegate.

    Bernie Sanders managed to win California (which was actually expected this election…even though Hillary Clinton won California in the 2016 primaries)…but since the state has almost 41 million people, millions of Californians turned out and votes are still being counted. Sanders was hoping to win California by a large enough margin where he could receive more than half of the 415 delegates they allot. But, that didn’t happen either. The data analysts are expecting Joe Biden to come up a close second place after all the votes are counted.

    At the end of the night, Biden had went from being an endangered candidate to becoming the front-runner – leading in both delegates and the popular vote.

    Data analyst Dave Wasserman from NBC and The Cooks Political Report noted a few interesting things about Biden’s victories on Super Tuesday. To begin with, Joe Biden had very strong support from African-American voters (just like Hillary Clinton did in 2016) and that propelled him to strong double digit victories in the Southern States (for example, Biden won every county in Alabama and he won the stat with almost 64% of the vote). But Biden was also able to win urban voters, White upscale and middle-class suburban voters and White rural/Appalachian voters. The only two demographics Biden didn’t do as well with were: young voters and Latinx voters.

    Biden’s likely to win my state (Florida) by very significant margins (data analysts expect Florida to be one of his strongest states) because the demographics heavily favor him here and we have 219 delegates. Plus, Biden is slated to win other states rich in delegates such as Pennsylvania, Maryland, Ohio, and New York based on demographics. In other words, Biden’s more likely than Sanders to get the nomination at this point.

    I’m wondering if the influences of the Saturn-Pluto Conjunction in Capricorn is partly responsible for Joe Biden’s successes. This aspect usually represents traditionalism, conformity, the establishment, and conservatism. Biden is a moderate Democrat and he is very traditional.

    Chris Romero
    Jacksonville, Florida, U.S.

  3. No way would Biden tap Kamala Harris as his running mate. She launched a full-out attack on him in one of the early debates. He appeared to be stunned by her animosity. Biden is a Scorpio–doesn’t forget or forgive easily.

    • Julie, Biden has since said Harris can be “anything” in his Administration. Buttigieg also questioned him on stage, but he then went to tell how Pete reminded him of Beau, the son he lost. Some “Purity Dems” also highlighted his comment on how he could consider a Republican VP.

      And, for all my general sceptism, I believe this. For all his Scorpioness, he doesn’t seem to hold grudge. This happens. There are these (rare) “Eagle Scorpios” who seem to transcendent certain pettiness.

      Not saying Kamala Harris will be VP. I think someone like Amy Klobuchar could probably help Biden more in “Rust Belt”. But I think there’s a genuine friendship going beyond alliance between Biden and her.

  4. We have a minimum age for a president (35). It would be nice if we capped it at 60 or so. Joe is not perfect but he appeals to a wide range of people It says something that the Republicans are changing their registrations in order to vote for Bernie. They are afraid of Joe.

  5. Speaking of possible VP choices – I think an interesting VP choice would be Stacey Abrams, who ran a very competitive race for governor of Georgia. She was also the first African-American woman to deliver a response to the State of the Union address. Biden even floated the idea of her as a potential VP candidate late last year. I believe she is more widely admired than Kamala Harris. Plus, Kamala Harris didn’t support Biden for Super Tuesday when she had the chance.

    • PS – I could easily see Sanders saying that Warren would be his VP so they could consolidate their voting bases. I think she will need something to give an endorsement.

      • I think that ship sailed. Bernie, an Aries Mars/Moon hurt Liz’s, a Taurus Moon, feelings not once, but twice. Thinking that they could just put everything behind, a là Gemini Moon Amy and Sadgittarius Moon/Uranus Pete isn’t likely.

        Also, I think that if she can’t win this, she is prioritizes The US Senate. According to Massassuchetts Election Law, if a Reprepresentative from the State is elected, Governor gets to nominate ad interim successor, and MA Governor is a Republican.

    • Abrams’ name has come up a lot and I like what she is doing to end voter supression. This really is an issue, most European have their jaw drop when they learn how hard it is to vote in The US.That said, she hasn’t endorsed Biden either, even after Bloomberg, who is bankrolling her organization, dropped out, and might not to be the most strategic choice for helping to win battleground states. Biden certainly doesn’t have a shortage of viable “unity” VP candidates, unlike Sanders, who has a rare ability to burn bridges.

      Astrologically, Abrams is a Full Moon Sun Sadgittarius, with other elements in Sadge as well, some Aquarius and an Aries Mars. She also has a Cancer Saturn (conjunct US Jupiter) square Libra Pluto. This is a highly individualistic chart, which makes me wonder whether she’d be more comfortable “running her own shop” than as a part of an Administration. Her Aquarius Venus will have a transiting Saturn on it this Spring, and this is a commitment aspect, for sure (I was pregnant when this aspect was last on my chart, gave birth a couple of weeks after it was exact).

      Re. Harris, I don’t think she’ll endorse Biden before Warren drops out and possibly before Sanders is beaten. But she definitely has lines open with Biden people.

  6. It may be helpful to note that Biden’s resurrection comes as tr Pluto is opposing his Jupiter at 25 Cancer. Since he is a Sagittarius rising, Jupiter is his ruling planet. Since his Sun is in Scorpio, Pluto would matter as well. The Pluto opposition peaks in late April at the station. That may be when he clinches the nomination. Pluto will oppose the Sun during the Democratic Convention, and the Sun will just be two days away from its own conjunction to his Jupiter, another good indication.

    Pluto will oppose his Jupiter as well over the next Inauguration. This should now be seen as very favorable for him.

    However, Election Day looks bad with Mercury square Saturn and other negative aspects. Whatever that may be, it appears to turn out well for Biden in late December after the Electoral College meets and in January. His choice of VP will be critical as he is likely to serve a single term.

    I myself have a Jupiter-Uranus conjunction at 25 Cancer. The recent Saturn opposition has seen a significant improvement in my fortunes. That may also be because Jupiter is now conjunct my Sun at 20 Capricorn, but I am looking forward to the Pluto opposition.

  7. A random obervation about Jill Biden: I previously wrote 2021 Inauguration chart Ceres, which I associate with First Lady, is very prominant. Jill Biden was, already, a very visible Second Lady. She also literally tackled an incredibly foolish protestor (do these people know that Bob Kennedy was assassinated giving a victory speach for California and South Dakota primaries?) on stage last night, becoming instant meme material.

    She was born June 3rd 1951. That’s one day after Trump darling Jeanine Pirro, but apparently the same day a prominant, long time Finnish Green Party politician Satu Hassi, who has survived a rape as a child and breast cancer.

    • Was at the same college where she taught as Second Lady–in different buildings, never met her. The job she held was something that truly of service to others and something for which there were few accolades. She truly works in service of others, and it was her idea that she and Michelle Obama would advocate for military families. It seems like Joe Biden’s life has constantly been one of rebirths, after death of first wife, after a brain aneurysm, seems to be a theme.

      • Yes, and she isn’t afraid to disagree with her husband publicly. This is probably the main reason I have always had a good feeling about Joe Biden, and had a good feeling about Barack Obama. They always surrounded themselves with women who disagreed with them, and obviously listened. This seems to be extremely hard for most men, even the woke, selfproclamed feminist ones. Don’t know why, but I suspect it’s their 12th house rather than any specific planetary aspect.

  8. Was looking at Marjorie’s February 7 posting on Trump. She says: “The November 30th Lunar Eclipse at 9 degrees Gemini will hit on the USA Uranus.” The presidential election is November 3, 2020. There have been many predictions that the election itself will be muddled and that Trump, if he loses, will not leave the White House voluntarily. If results are unclear, with challenges to the victor, I wonder if a result certain might finally be determined around Nov. 30th–and whether Uranus may suggest Trump’s out.
    And a related question: Trump is ready to hit Biden over and over again with accusations about his son Hunter. Since we know Ivanka Trump trademarked a slew of Chinese usages of her name prior to important trade meetings with the U.S.–is there any astrological indication that the Democrats will ever fight back against the corruption of Trump’s own family?

  9. All the talk about Sanders’ health is certainly justifiable given his heart attack and subsequent non-stop, grueling schedule, but I’m also concerned re Biden’s health. He’s having a lot of “senior moments,” calling Super Tuesday “Super Thursday,” saying he’s running for the U.S. Senate, last night referring to his wife as his sister, etc., etc. I like Biden and would definitely vote for him, but those memory lapses are troubling. If Biden and Sanders are both sidelined by health issues, what then? Who then? Perhaps the Dems should come up with an alternate just-in-case candidate/plan, if that’s possible. Such are the drawbacks of two elderly men running for the presidency. Goes without saying that Trump is an old guy with questionable health as well. Are we looking at an empty Oval Office? So much uncertainty surrounds this presidential race. Scary.

    • This is the main reason I’m not crazy about this boiling down to people in their 70’s. Jimmy Carter, who himself globetrotted well into his 80’s said there should also be an upper age limit to presidency.

      To be fair, Biden was well known for his gaffes during Obama Years, too, and is still in much better physical health than his male rivals (Warren is younger, and seems to come for a family with really good genes, healthwise), so some of it could just be stress of running the campaign (dementia affects physical side, too, and I’m not seeing any of that with Biden). He will also have a host of younger hopefuls he can choose his running mate from. Biden/Harris ticket seems to be the most popular one, and would make sense, since she is a solid “Blue State” Senator. Harris also has a good year coming.

    • I’ve heard it speculated today on social media that Biden might pick Hillary as his VP. Then Biden would stand aside stating health reasons (even dementia) leaving the path open for Hillary.

      It sounds plausible, but who knows, right?

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