Joe Biden – a tactile Taurus Moon his downfall



Joe Biden’s run towards 2020 is probably over before it started with another accusation of misconduct. It’s more about him being overly tactile and crashing into personal space than anything too heinous. But it doesn’t sit well in the times.

He was born 20th November 1942 8.30 am Scranton, Pennsylvania giving him an emotionally intense collection of a charming Sun, Venus, Mercury conjunction as well as Mars in Scorpio in his 12th. He’s also got an earthy and entertaining 5th house Taurus Moon in a possessive square to Pluto.

His Moon will certainly like to be hands-on since Taurus especially just loves physical contact, not necessarily sexual or sensual, just sensuous.  Though he’s likely to come on too strongly with Pluto involved, especially since his Pluto is also square Mars. It may be with a Moon Pluto in his chart that his mother didn’t respect his boundaries and personal space.

I’d have thought a strong 12th house might have made him more reclusive (though it is birth time dependent which in this case is only memory). But with his Sun Venus trine Jupiter, he’ll be good at turning up the charm full volume when needed.

He has tr Uranus conjunct his Moon exactly now for an emotional upset; and there are all manner of hitches, glitches and hiccups especially from May onwards; with 2020/21 not looking encouraging.


11 thoughts on “Joe Biden – a tactile Taurus Moon his downfall

  1. Let’s face it. Privileged American white guys suck! In his mist recent video, he never apologized. But he says, “Iget it, I get it.” Sure you do Joe.

  2. There is endless film footage of Joe Biden touching little girls and women most inappropriately this has been happening for years but parents and children are too frightened to say anything. In one clip Jeff Sessions is seen slapping away JB’s hands to protect his granddaughter from being groped. It’s disgusting that the people who comment on here are think it’s funny or rather touching of JB to behave in this way..
    By making these comments you are complicit in his behaviour can’t you see that ?

    • Britt, I agree Biden should have known better than touch women at professional settings. And there might be footage of some inappropriate behavior in more general level, although you should not blindly trust that given much of the Biden stories rose from “chans”, when posters were pushing that now infamous Pizzagate conspiracy. That said, generally speaking, how exactly is touching a friend or relative in public “inappropriate”? Do you think all touching is sexual? With all due respect, not all touching, even intergender and intergenerational is sexual, and the fact it’s obviously seen this way in The US and extensively elsewhere in West now is actually very sad. When my husband has to think whether it’s appropriate to him to help our daughter’s friends off a swing at playground, there is truly something wrong with the culture. True predators get away with what they do for decades or forever, because their crimes do not take place in public.

      Which is also why I think Jeff Sessions is a horrible hypocrit and human being. He was willing to protect his granddaughter, but do you remember who was supposed to replace him as an US Senator for Alabama and what that guy did? That Roy Moore was hitting on teenagers at malls (and married a “legal” teen) was common knowledge in Alabama. Yet Jiffy did nothing to stop his nomination. Also, he was actively blocking proposal for Violence Against Women Reauthorisation Act (that was drafted by Biden) enlargement. And currently, Republicans at Senate have let the whole thing expire, without bringing an alternative to table. Unless you are advocating for a World where defending women, children, gay men and trans people is left to judgement of some male savior rather than law, bring up almost any US top Republican in context where they did something to help us, is misguided, to say the least.

      • There are also lots of photos of Joe with his arms and hands all over men! That’s just how he is. It’s no longer considered appropriate, but I don’t believe any of it’s sexual. He’s just touchy-feely, as Marjorie has described. On the other hand, I think he should just have left the scene with being the beloved “Uncle Joe” and not tried to get back into things. Like many athletes past their time, many pols don’t know when to quit. We need fresh new energy and ideas.

  3. Poor Joe, if only he’d known that to be Presidential material he had to “grab em by the p*ssy”. This whole “invading personal space” uproar about him is high hypocrisy.

    That it derails him from the get-go is ridiculous. I have no respect for the woman who had her hair smelled years ago and now feels “mentally violated”.

  4. Greetings Marjorie. I’m curious to see an updated analysis of Beto given the date of his official campaign launch. I don’t interpret astrology but I do consolidate and analyse data and info. Biden is riding on name recognition(obvious in the pundit arena) as well as being Obama’s #2. So I expect he’ll fade overtime. My bet is Beto as the nominee with either Harris or Abrams as running mate.

    Hey Solaia. Always interested in your interpretations so I await.

    • Nothing much to add here, for the moment. Biden’s shortcomings have been in plain sight. And he is experienced and wise enough to know this would be an issue, the reason he hasn’t started the campaign. He clearly is a very emotional person, more so than most politicians, and has been through a lot. This is typical for certain type of Scorpio men. This would be very trying to him.

      Politically, I think Biden not running would help Beto and Kamala Harris, maybe even Buttigieg. But yes, mostly Beto. I did a Trump related tarot reading this week (with all this Pisces, I tend to gravitate to that direction rather than analytical thinking), and got Knight of Swords as the answer to question on Trump’s successor. I had the same card 2 years ago, and took it meaning a lawyer. But that would fit Beto, too, since Swords are associated with Air, and Beto is a Libra Sun.

      • Cool Solaia. Buttigieg is a very intelligent fellow indeed. To put it in context, he and Michelle Obama have the same personality profile. I don’t think he’ll get the nomination at this time though. 2028 may be more suitable as he’ll be older and more seasoned. He should be up against Abrams and Newsom who I expect to run in 2028 also. A debate between those three should be pretty cool.
        America needs a President that is capable of matching or outwitting Putin. He’s currently playing chess by himself and he’s making strategic moves without being sufficiently challenged. That’s what Americans need to also factor into the context of picking a leader. Beto may be overly animated but he is clever. Bloomberg and Abrams are more suited, but one lacks the charisma to galvanize the masses and the other figures it’s not their time. The world needs Strong and Intelligent leader in America cas I think there a sh*t storm coming!

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