Joe Biden – 2020 not his moment



Joe Biden is being talked up as a possible Democratic candidate to take on Trump in 2020. Although there is pressure for a fresh face, Biden’s eight years as VP gives him gravitas and experience, as do his decades as a Senator. And he’s seen as a politician able to appeal to the blue-collar workers in Rust Belt states who voted Trump in. He’ll decide before the year end.

Born 20 November 1942 8.32 am (from memory) Scranton, PA, he has a charming though utterly determined Sun, Venus, Mercury conjunct in Scorpio in his 12th, along with Mars also in Scorpio square Pluto – not short on stamina or endurance. His Sun, Venus, Mercury trine an 8th house Jupiter in Cancer; his idealistic 10th house Neptune trines Saturn Uranus in Gemini; and he has a Taurus Moon in the 5th.

He’s not had an easy life with his first wife and a daughter killed in a car crash, a brain aneurysm in his mid-forties, and a son dying of brain cancer in 2015.

He may not run or be chosen as candidate and doesn’t look too upbeat over the 2020 election with tr Neptune undermining his enthusiastic Mars/Jupiter midpoint; tr Saturn in a blocked square to his Solar Arc Pluto; and the tr Jupiter Pluto square his Mars/Neptune. Tr Saturn in any event is still moving through his 1st quadrant so he’ll not be on his old form.

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  1. Nope. The Democratic Party that Biden was once in is changing. We have just reduced the influence of super delegates. The party is leaning more progressive and left.

  2. I like him too, and apparently, so do The US voters, because polls have him up to 17 per cent (!) ahead of Trump if he chooses to run. But he would be 78 by The Inauguration, and The 2021 Inauguration Chart is much more stressful than the current one. So, I’m thinking a younger person, and possibly someone with International Credentials will emerge.

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