Joe Alwyn & Taylor Swift – a Pisces Sagittarius mix


Taylor Swift appears to be still going strong after three years with UK actor Joe Alwyn, spending time in London as well as the USA.

He was born 21 February 1991 in London, and most recently appeared in The Favourite and Harriet. He’s a Sun Pisces in an assertive square to Mars in Gemini; with a charming and seductive Venus in Pisces trine Pluto.

His Sun is trine her Jupiter Moon in Cancer for a free-flow of affection. His Venus is trine her Mars in Scorpio for a spark of passion though he might find her Scorpio intensity quite rich meat for his Pisces’ sensitivities. Arguments will flare from his Mercury square her Mars and widely square her Pluto; with his steady Taurus Moon either opposition her Mars or Pluto or both, which would be sticky if it were a 24/7 arrangement.. His Saturn in Aquarius opposition Jupiter in Leo connect with her Venus in Aquarius which will blow feelings cold and hot.

If 5.17 am is the correct birth time for her, his Taurus Moon falls in her 7th house which is positive for partnerships, though his Mars is also there for arguments.

Their relationship chart is again up and down with a composite Sun Saturn opposition Jupiter – Saturn gives longevity but cuts down on warmth and can suggest work gets in the way of enjoyment together; but Jupiter will help to smooth rough edges. The composite Venus opposes Mars for affectionate flames, though it can at times be one sided with one partner feeling the other isn’t always sensitive to their needs.

She’s not the easiest of personalities with the triple conjunction in Capricorn and she leads a very high pressure life, so their bond will come under strain – with tr Pluto conjunct the composite Saturn this year and the composite Sun in 2021/22 which will throw challenges their way as a couple.

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  1. Just an off the beam observation.
    Sally Rooney whose brilliant book Normal People is coming to the TV next month was born 20 February 1991 the day before Joe Alwyn. Lucky stars!

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