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Jeremy Corbyn has been on the receiving end of a string of media attacks for anti-Semitism in the Labour Party, his support over the years for terrorist leaders, and outraged headlines over his supposed commemoration of a Palestinian Black September leader (hotly denied).

Whatever the absolute truth or otherwise of the accusations, he’s making a hotch of defending himself. He’s always been an odd figure as a contrarian MP since 1983, disregarding the party whip and going his own way for three decades plus before getting catapulted into the leadership almost by mistake.

Born 26 May 1949 in Chippenham to peace-campaigning parents, he didn’t flourish at school and worked in trade unions before getting elected to Westminster. He’s a Sun Gemini with Venus Mercury and Uranus also in Gemini and an Air Grand Trine to Neptune trine Jupiter in Aquarius. A predominantly Mutable chart will make him scattered; and an Air Grand Trine is emotionally detached, a thinker and talker rather than a do-er, and can often be found in the charts of ideologues.

What gives him grit, never-say-die determination and probably attracts him to violent personalities is his Mars (Moon) in Taurus square Pluto and widely square Saturn in wannabe-important Leo. That will also be why he refuses to back down when faced with criticism.

He’s also got a Yod of Saturn sextile Uranus (both last anaretic degree) inconjunct Jupiter. Individuals with anaretic degree planets (Theresa May is another) have issues with decision-making. They dither around endlessly and then jump blindly into action without thinking which tends to end up in poor choices or overcompensation. An apex Yod Jupiter can have an impact on society, but tends to be disorganized and can bring an over developed sense of self-importance which can be a real weakness. Yods also bring a fated change of direction which allows the energy to flourish.

At the moment he’s got his Solar Arc Uranus square his Sun for a mighty upset; plus tr Neptune square his Mercury and Venus leading to poor communications and unpopularity through 2018/19.  Exactly now and all this month tr Pluto is trine his Mars for frustrating confrontations that leave him aggravated and trapped. That influence repeats later in the year.

His leadership chart, 24 September 2016 12.51 pm London, passed its peak earlier this year with Solar Arc Sun conjunct Jupiter, which is now waning. Where it runs into real trouble is from the end of March 2019 when tr Pluto starts to square the Term Uranus, on and off till late 2020, which is often a topple-off-the-perch time. Before then tr Neptune opposes the Mercury, now and on and off into 2019 which is mis-communication and muddled messages. There’s also a collision-shock of Solar Arc Mars square Sun, exact in 2020. Plus tr Uranus opposition the Venus in September and again early 2019, which suggests a popularity upset.

The leadership chart does have an emphasised Saturn in Sagittarius square Neptune opposition a Virgo North Node which suggests a prickliness about criticism and a strongly self-righteous streak.

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  1. I think the Catholics were badly treated in Northern Ireland. I think the Palestinians have been abominably badly treated by successive Israeli governments. I understand why some turn to violence out of frustration but I wouldn’t stand on a platform beside them.

    Spot on Marjorie

  2. A sensible piece with some actual facts. I like the idea of ‘tribal epistemology’ – how we know what we know. Watch Fox News and Alex Jones you get a totally different set of facts from the WP or NY Times. This is an astrology website and does attempt to keep an open mind on the facts such as they can be established. It isn’t the place for cultish fandom of political leaders. Once you get obsessed with your hero then you can’t see the places where they get it wrong.

    Anaretic does not ascribe political views or actions, it is what it says on the label – dithering and then over hasty leap into not so great decisions.
    Mars Pluto has a dark side – criminal barrister and criminal – two sides of the one coin (See Holleeder post).

    I think the Catholics were badly treated in Northern Ireland. I think the Palestinians have been abominably badly treated by successive Israeli governments. I understand why some turn to violence out of frustration but I wouldn’t stand on a platform beside them.

    • I’m from a Nordic Country. All I can say is that the Palestinian Cause Olof Palme was a major advocate for has definitely lost its lustre with The Left here because of major corruption in Palestinian Government and Islamists taking over many places. On the other hand, I know many people who were relatively pro-Israel (but really, I think everybody here is at least for some kind of a Two State Solution) avoid talking about Israel because they don’t like Netanyahu.

      So, politically speaking, I can’t understand why Corbyn would even want to touch this argument. Palestine hasn’t been a British Dominion in since he was born. Why meddle when you don’t have effective means to intervene? Psychologically and astrologically speaking, it’s clear he is nostalgia prone.

      • In the 1980’s Corbyn’s constituency was was Irish/Turkish, this was the background of his voters. I have lived in neighbouring constituencies with a higher Jewish population where the MP there would visit Israel a lot and meet with pro-Israel groups, but not the other side. Both were wrong, but that’s the way it goes.

        Like Clinton needing the Irish-American vote and annoying John Major by granting visas to IRA fundraisers and inviting them to some sort of ball at the White House. He also spoke to Yasser Arafat. Like Corbyn, Clinton is very Air/Fire with just a Taurus moon and no water. Both have a Venus sextile Pluto with a very tight orb. Of course Mr Did Not Inhale Sex With That Woman (or whatever it was) was undone by a lack of honesty in other areas. Corbyn’s difference is a more mutable chart and mercury retrograde; he should be honest about his past misjudgements because they may keep coming back (these things usually involve things he did 30+ years ago). It may be hard at times to face up to the facts, but he has the opportunity to do so to reconcile and integrate these two different sides of his career.

  3. Gregory, hear hear.

    Marjorie, “attracts him to violent personalities “, not sure what you mean there. Talking to the enemy of the day? Isn’t that preferable to the horrendous and brutal chaos caused by narcissist war mongers, like Blair, Cameron, Netanyahu, Bush and the like and which show no signs of letting up anytime soon?

  4. Dear Marjorie, Thank you for your interesting post about Jeremy Corbyn and ‘The Strange Rebirth Of Radical Politics.’ Jeremy Corbyn has been on the receiving end of a string of media attacks for anti-Semitism in the Labour Party, because he is pro-Palestinian and wants to see the people have a homeland. Not have it taken away from them by the Israelis. That is why he has been under constant attack by the media. I am also glad that he stood up to Benjamin Netanyahu. The fact that the Israeli Prime Minister came forward, shows the real reason behind the hostility to Mr. Corbyn. Israel does not want to be held accountable for their actions and their deeds. They do not seem to want a ‘Two-State Solution.’ You say that he was catapulted into the leadership almost by mistake. People were tired of people like Tony Blair, political ‘city-slickers’ who lied about Iraq and Afghanistan and have never apologised or faced legal sanctions for their actions. That is why many people like Jeremy Corbyn. He is not Tony Blair or George W Bush. He is not a ‘Neo-Con.’ Because he is an honest man who has stuck to his beliefs for many years. When it would have been easier to sell out and say hateful things like Boris Johnson, in order to get the top job. It is easier to say things like ‘…releasing women from their black laundry bags…’ than it is to fight for justice and be true to yourself. You try and compare him, astrologically to Mrs. Theresa May in your article, but as far as I am aware, Jeremy Corbyn has not sold arms to a country using them to kill Yemeni children. Jeremy Corbyn has not created ‘a hostile environment’, which is then used to deport legal citizens of the UK to the West Indies, The so-called ‘Windrush Generation.’ His fault seems to be that he is an honest man who does not want to be corrupted. Jeremy Corbyn is an Englishman speaking in his own country about what concerns him. He has been elected and re-elected twice to serve his party, in his own country. He has a right to express his own views in his own country. This is the same argument also been advanced to defend Boris Johnson, so if it is true for Mr. Johnson, it must be true for Mr. Corbyn. ‘Freedom Of Speech.’ He does not need to listen to or take instruction from Mr. Netanyahu as to whether he should remain the Leader of his party, in his own country. Would Mr. Netanyahu resign as Prime Minister of Israel, if he was asked to by someone from here in the UK? Because they did not agree with Israeli domestic or foreign policy? If the Blairites, like Margaret Hodge, Luciana Berger and others who do not like Mr. Corbyn, feel so strongly, they are welcome to join another party or form their own. They are not compelled to stay in the party. Then the people can decide for themselves, how they feel at an election. Whatever the astrology says or predicts, Mr. Corbyn did well in June 2017 because he was not Tony Blair, Theresa May and any other of the usual self-serving political suspects. If he does well again, it will be because people are tired of being over-charged for their Rail Ticket, their Utilities and have nothing to show for their hard work and endeavours except endless, never-ending and costly wars and no money and savings. That is why Jeremy Corbyn got elected and did well. It was not a mistake. The people were just tired of being lied to and mislead by the Political Establishment and the constant stream and diet of ‘Fake News’ articles, masquerading as fact and unbiased investigation. Jeremy Corbyn achieving the position of Leader of the Opposition, in and of itself is a victory, and I for one want to say that you to him personally, for fighting for Mr. Nelson Mandela and Anti-Apartheid, all those years ago. If you think that is racism, then that is your call. If you think Boris Johnson is the way forward, that is also your call. Thank You.

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