Jeremy Corbyn – Gemini’s two-faced approach



Jeremy Corbyn, UK Opposition leader, at the annual Labour Conference, is tap dancing on the fence over Brexit suggesting he’s behind a longer than two-year transition period but questioning whether staying indefinitely in the single market would restrict workers’ rights. Pleasing his Glastonbury middle-class Remainers but not overly upsetting the Brexiteers.

He’s tightening his grip on the Labour Party but is stuck as May is with a schism, in his case between the old moderate Blairites and the Momentum hard-lefters.

Despite all the talk of a future Labour Government he’s not as confident as he appears with a few setbacks coming up in November, a discouraging push against resistance, muddles in December and dashed hopes early in 2018. He’s in for more jolts and jangles in 2018 with some lucky breaks along the way; but from mid 2018 until late 2019 he looks undermined (as does Deputy John McConnell); with Corbyn hitting a major blockage by 2021 as his Solar Arc Sun is conjunct his Pluto.

His leadership chart, 24 Sept 2016 12.51pm Liverpool, looks downbeat in 2018 with tr Saturn square the MC, Sun and Jupiter on and off all year; with major upheavals and instability in 2019/2020.

Both Labour Party charts, 1900 and 1906, look confident and unsettled in equal measure through 2017/18/19. Though the 1900 chart looks successful and positive in 2020/21 and the 1906 chart on a high in 2022/23. So it’s possible, if the next election holds off till 2022, that Labour is doing well without Corbyn.

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