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The tragi-comedy of the UK political car crash continues with the Opposition Leader Jeremy Corbyn, having resoundingly lost a vote of confidence from the Parliamentary Labour Party, then refusing to go. Is he mad or is it just another facet of Pluto in Capricorn hauling down the old structures? The electorate are a million miles apart from the Westminster bubble, and their displeasure led to the wild-card vote for Brexit. Corbyn, a 33 year veteran of Westminster, though never a corporate loyalist (to put it mildly), says he represents the people not the insular MPs.  See:

The Labour Party chart of 27 Feb 1900 seems to work better than the 1906 chart. Tr Saturn square tr Neptune are hitting on the Uranus Jupiter in Sagittarius at the moment and Neptune trails on undermining enthusiasm till late 2017. Tr Saturn also opposes Pluto, which tr Neptune squares in 2017; and then tr Saturn opposes Neptune also in 2017.  So all muddle and uncertainty and discouragement. Plus a highly emotional, angst ridden tr Pluto square Venus in 2016/17. There are failure-writ-large Solar Arcs by 2018 – Mars conjunct Neptune; Sun opposition Saturn.

Corbyn’s relationship chart with the Labour Party  has an over-controlling, love/hate Mars square Pluto; plus an idealistic, unrealistic Neptune square Venus, trine Sun.  The composite Sun picks up the tr Uranus conjunction in February of next year, which could be a parting of the ways.

Corbyn’s own chart has Solar Arc Uranus square his Sun in 2017 which certainly looks like a major shift.

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