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Jeffrey Epstein has died in an apparent suicide in prison in New York. Given that he was on suicide watch from a previous attempt last week, it’ll set the conspiracy theorists off on a rampage of speculation. But he did have the cornered and defeated Solar Arc Mars square his Pluto on his chart this year which can crop up for suicides; plus a raft of Neptunian sinkers. See post 7 July 2019.

No one else has been charged and all the high profile names dragged into the spotlight deny robustly any involvement in his underage sex crimes and trafficking. Of those at the top of the list Ghislaine Maxwell looks most upbeat at the moment with a confident and lucky tr Pluto conjunct her Sun/Jupiter till late this month and returning in November for a few weeks. But she’ll run into a catastrophic tr Uranus opposition her Mars/Pluto late September into October and repeating in early 2020. With a trapped and scary tr Pluto square her Mars/Node from January 2020 on and off till late 2021 and a seriously disruptive and high-risk Solar Arc Mars opposition her Uranus late 2020/21. See post July 8 2019

Prince Andrew looks to be facing disaster at the moment till late this month and again November/December with considerable challenges to his reputation and direction in life and career from early 2020 through 2021. See post July 12 2019.

Bill Clinton, who is also facing the prospect of a Monica Lewinsky expose, looks panicky and uncertain at the moment with tr Neptune square his Solar Arc Mars; his Solar Arc Moon is in a depressing conjunction to his Saturn, exact within a few weeks; and he has a seriously disruptive and high-tension tr Uranus square his Saturn late December into February 2020 as the same time as tr Uranus opposes Hillary’s Scorpio Sun. Birth time of 8.51 am being accurate he also has an undermining tr Neptune opposition his Solar Arc Midheaven this year and then tr Neptune in a highly-strung square to his Uranus in 2021.

Alan Dershowitz, whose denials have been more vociferous than most, looks muddled at the moment till late year but doesn’t face major headaches until 2021 when he has a couple of loss-making, disastrous influences.

It’s not possible to say how any of the above connect to Epstein and they may reflect other events ongoing in each of the individuals lives. But Ghislaine Maxwell certainly isn’t going to sail into the sunset in a contented glow.

What is truly extraordinary is how slippery, deeply corrupt Epstein – ‘without a moral compass’ – managed to slide out from under any official or even media scrutiny over four decades. He started as a teacher without any college qualifications, became a financial adviser without any obvious experience or qualifications. Recently businessman Leslie Wexner who years ago gave Epstein power of attorney over his money because he trusted him admitted that Epstein “misappropriated” more than $46 million of his wealth. Yet Wexner did nothing when the theft was discovered.

And below is detail of Epstein’s involvement in a Ponzi scheme which ripped money from ordinary people and further expanded his wealth. His partner got 18 years inside and Epstein got?? – off scot free. Nothing ever stuck – he had his own magic shield. NB: Sex offenders are often financial crooks as well.

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  1. Well, the autopsy performed did confirm that he had broken bones in his neck. Were there any rope burns around his neck? What about bruises on his neck from…very strong fingers…? 😉

    Perhaps the rope was slipped over his head after the neck bones were broken…? Ah, pass the buttered popcorn! More stories await!

  2. Dear Marjorie,

    I do not understand why you keep leaning so heavily on Jeffrey Epstein”s Solar Arc (SA) Mars making a square to his Natal (N) Pluto. If one uses the actual SA of his Natal Chart, he or she soon learns that the square of SA Mars to N Pluto occurred more than a year ago. Even using the questionable 1.0 degree calculation for a SA leaves this aforementioned square exact some months ago.

    Transiting (T) Mars had made an exact conjunction to N Pluto on the 6th of August, 2019. The mean Lunar North Node was very close to making an exact conjunction to Mr. Epstein’s N Uranus on August 10, 2019. That certainly fits with Michael Munkasey’s definition of Uranus/node in his valuable book, “Midpoints Unleashing the Power of the Planets.” On page 320, Mr. Munkasey wrote the following under Uranus/Node; Personal Life, Anti: “The disruption you cause to others because you are not happy with the present status within groups;your indifference to the help others are able to give you toward effecting your destiny.” I do not think that it would be much of a stretch to surmise that Jeffrey Epstein had been contemplating suicide the entire time that he was imprisoned. His first attempt on July 23, 2019 was a failed prelude to his successful suicide on August 10 2019. After his six-day suicide watch had ended, he evidently made up mind that his next attempt would succeed; therefore, he likely conned (N Mercury square N Neptune) his lawyers and prison officials into believing that he was adjusting to prison life. Leaving him without a cellmate on Friday, August, 09, 2019 gave him the means and the opportunity to ‘hang’ himself: It must have been a slow and gruesome death. T Mercury had squared his N Saturn (“depressed Mood,” R. Ebertin: Pursuit of dreary thoughts.” M. Munkasey) two days before his suicide. That date (08/08/19) is when he probably set the stage for his final performance. With his bail denied on July 19, 2019 and T Saturn conjoining his N Uranus exactly on July 30, 2019 (He was barely off of suicide watch.), he must have surely realized that his freedom and lifestyle were things of the past. It is not difficult to imagine how depressed one might become after flying in from Paris on his or her private Gulfstream jet only to end up in a worse prison facility than Guantanamo Bay with a mass-murderer for a cellmate — culture shock is a vast understatement.

  3. You have to laugh at Trump accusing Clinton. Seemingly he, Trump, also flew on Epstein’s private plane.

    From ‘2000 page document’. Embedded in the Craig Murray article.

    • Trump was very good friends with Epstein until the pedo thing started to come out, so distanced himself to protect his own reputation, I think. In 2002 Trump said of Jeffery to the New York Magazine: ”I’ve known Jeff for 15 years. Terrific guy. He’s a lot of fun to be with. It is even said that he likes beautiful women as much as I do, and many of them are on the younger side.” What an odd thing to say about the age thing and how many, and we know how insatiable Epstein’s drive was for young girls. I personally think Trump knew about his friend’s disgusting predilection for children.

      I saw today, and I don’t know if it’s a credible source, a list of the names revealed from a sealed document a number of celebs and politicians caught up in Epsteins sick pedogate. While some of the names don’t surprise me from internet whispers, I am surprised by the number of, if not all, that seem to be from the liberal camp. Do conservative people not abuse children? Stats from over the decades clearly suggest they do. Now either the list, if legit, has deliberately left out the republican names, or it is a deliberate smear campaign against a political class. Pedo’s are perverts and cross all classes, religions, creeds, and political spectrums. So my suspicion is raised by the agenda behind the list not who the names are on it. If they are guilty they should be held accountable for their sickening crimes.

      I wish both lefties and righties could just get on and stop being divided in the manner we are. If you can’t see how the politicians from both sides and media are deliberately fuelling this in order to steer the masses of sheep who are not willing to step back and see how we are being played, there’s no hope. I wish we could tear down this political landscape and start with a new, honest transparency that unites us. When there are divisions it’s much easier for the powerful and sinister to hide in the shadows of the cracks the division throws off. We need a brand new ideology for a brand new world. But im afraid I’m at a loss of how to implement it 🙁

      I think from a deeper level our consciousness has something to do with this new way, but how the hell can you bring people together when they are deliberately being distracted with technology and politics. We seem to be focused on problems all the time, never solutions, and that grid locks us.

  4. The saddest thing about it is that sexual crimes are difficult to prove once many years have gone by. Hearsay is difficult to prove and other proof as in DNA can disappear in the circumstances and it’s one persons word against another; suddenly the US system about being able to seek financial redress might not be helpful. Epstein’s death has the conspiracy theorists chomping at the bit although his death is somewhat timely for all concerned

  5. In spite of what Ms. Orr stated in the first paragraph, the conspiracy theorists are at full throttle….smh. Men like Epstein either fight to the bitter end, or off themselves to escape Justice. His death changes nothing for his partners in crime. Occam’s Razor is applicable!
    Moving on. “His partner got 18 years inside and Epstein got?? – off scot free. Nothing ever stuck – he had his own magic shield.” Poignant quote. I wonder who else has this lucky streak thought-out life and is doomed for a huge reckoning! Hmmmm.

      • Because using mud is not smart. Acid neutralizes any slime. And a strong dousing is coming for many. Not only for those involved in this case either!

    • “The president retweeted a video claiming the Clintons were responsible for Epstein’s death, the latest in a pattern of baseless claims spread by the President…Trump shared a tweet and video from conservative comedian Terrence Williams that claimed without evidence that former President Bill Clinton and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton — Trump’s 2016 presidential election rival — were responsible for Epstein’s death.”

      An apt example of mud sliding off teflon.


      When Trump finally dies, the silence will become deafening.

  6. Epstein was able to operate very substantial financial and sexual crimes over many years because he was protected from on high. There was a nexus of power, influence, greed, sexual deviance and I strongly suspect, blackmail. This is the real conspiracy, where each element bolstered, nourished and covered for the rest. Nothing about this sordid man makes any real sense unless you view him through a dark and forensic lense, up to and including his death. Even the most establishment minded and mainstream commentator must allow his death was deeply suspicious. If that is so, why was his life before not equally suspicious?

  7. The chatter of conspiracy is already starting on the net. One story is that someone who apparently worked at the place where Epstein was held said Epstein was seen being released (which is not allowed on weekends unless a judge gives consent), no triage nurses even saw to him, and he was wheelchaired out (alive) under the supervision of a man in green military uniform as well as others overseeing it. True or not? Who bloody knows. I think in Epsteins case, high level collusion with powerful string pullers is how he and the rest of his sick pedo friends got away with their sex trafficking and with what they did for so long. So it wouldn’t be outside realm of possibility that they would intervene now.

    That said, we will never fully know the full truth and only have what we are being told. I feel sorry for his victims not getting the justice they deserved. I also hope his ‘death’ is not the end of the road to finding out the others involved in this sickening circus. Would be curious what the astrology alludes to.

    • given a new id? witness protection. could be but it didn’t happen with martin Armstrong who was also attacked in jail, us southern district

  8. I’d like to see you do Barr’s chart in conjunction with Epstein’s. There’s a past history there. Barr’s father hired Epstein for one of his first jobs, teaching at an elite all-boys prep school in NYC, despite the fact that Epstein did not have a four-year degree. Later, when he was in trouble, he hired lawyers from the same law firm that Barr was in. Also, allegedly, Epstein was taken off of suicide watch despite a prior attempt, and the cameras were “malfunctioning” during the hours in which Epstein was found. Yeah, I’m sounding like a conspiracy theorist here but the only thing I see happening right now is that both right and left agree that this wasn’t a suicide although both sides are blaming the other.

    • Prior suicide attempt yet taken off suicide watch?
      Found hanging but shouldn’t have had anything in his cell to give him an opportunity?
      Cameras malfunctioning just at the time of the event?
      How convenient!

  9. the us atty was so stupid he couldn’t see that if anything happened to epstein in custody he wouldn’t be alble to function in his job again? He’s in disgrace What a dunce ,this is the same crew who try to get rid of barr(and trump?)crooked us southern district. I live 4 blocks from them. Martin shrekeli wound up in the same place.(as did gotti who also died in prison) shreki is still alive .
    what a plot. it’s so exciting. Now you see the end game emerge

  10. I’m not usually one for conspiracies but I wouldnt be surprised if he was taken out. Must be awful either way for his victims who would naturally want justice, and I imagine it has put the breaks on some big name reveals who can keep carrying on with their sick play times.

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