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Jeff Bezos, richest man in history, founder and chairman of Amazon and owner of the Washington Post is to divorce his wife of 25 years, novelist MacKenzie. The announcement was made to pre-empt a National Enquirer expose of his present relationship.

She met Bezos when he was still working in finance in New York, married him six months later and they went west to Seattle shortly after to set up an online bookstore.

He was born 12 January 1964 in Albuquerque, New Mexico, and is an ambitious Sun Mars in Capricorn; with Jupiter in pro-active Aries; a serious Venus Saturn in Aquarius square Neptune; and probably a Capricorn Moon.  It’s a chart that really needs a birth time to make sense.

He does have notable 11 and 22 Harmonic charts which are the master numbers, marking him out as different; and his get-it-together businessman’s 5H has a stupendous Jupiter Mars Neptune conjunction – high-risk and huge vision.

MacKenzie Bezos, 7 April 1970 San Francisco, is a good match with her Aries Sun conjunct his Jupiter for mutual support; and she also has a serious Venus Saturn in Taurus. Her Jupiter in Scorpio is  square his Mars, for a shared adventurous spirit; and her Mars in determined Taurus is trine his Sun Mars so she’d be a good motivator. Her Moon is in Taurus which would suit his Capricorn Moon.

Their relationship chart has a passionately enthusiastic and hard-working composite Mars, Venus, Saturn conjunction which wouldn’t all be easy with one of them having to suppress their needs to make it work. And a volatile and intense composite Mars opposition Uranus Pluto, which would come in handy when building the biggest company in the universe, but wouldn’t be that sensitive for romantic togetherness. There is possibly a composite Moon Sun conjunction which is a good complementary pairing.

The announcement hinted that the split has been coming for a while, though both their Sun/Moon midpoints are being triggered round about now so it may have been speeded along by the Enquirer piece. Trump has a dislike of Bezos because of the Washington Post and the Enquirer was always a close Trump buddy.


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  1. If McKenzie was born on October 7, 1970 she would be a Libra sun, not an Aries and she would have a Virgo Mars, not Taurus, or did I miss something?

  2. To be precise, inflation adjusted, Bezos hardly would be the richest person ever, just the richest person alive. Economic historians give “richest person ever” to Mansa Musa I of Mali, and the 19th century American industrialists and bankers still hold a place there, too, inflation and GPD adjusted.

    That said, Bezos wealth is stunning, just prior to the divorce announcement, I read Bezos should be losing 27 million a DAY to grow poorer. That’s how interest is working when you have billions. So yes, I think he can afford the settlement giving him a full control of Amazon.

  3. By the looks of Mckenzie and Jeff Bezo’s overlays, it seems as if it was a financial partnership. She must have been a key adviser for him on the way up, given the Sun/Jupiter interface, along with their mutual earth planets. McKenzie is a CPA, so it’s clear that she maintained a tight grip on financials. Transit-wise, it looks like Bezos will be experiencing some business setbacks, with Saturn moving closer to his Sun/Mars in Capricorn later this year, into next year. The Saturn/Pluto conjunction next January will be very close to his Sun. It could be that the coming recession will be affecting Amazon’s stock valuation, plus divorces can sometimes be messy in cases like this. Later on, he will be experiencing his Saturn return in 2023/24, when Saturn reaches late Aquarius, also affecting his Venus and Neptune. A period of forced cutbacks and changes. McKenzie has tr. Uranus affecting her Taurus placements for a couple years out, so definitely relationship changes for her too.

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