Jeanne Moreau – an archetypal Aquarius

Jeanne Moreau, one of the legendary stars of the French cinema – Orson Welles called her “the greatest actress in the world” – has died. Best known for her role in Truffaut’s Jules et Jim, she had a prolific, award-laden career into her 80s, ultimately directing and writing as well.

Born 23 January 1928 at 11.15am Paris, France, to an English Folies Bergere dancing mother and restaurateur father, she made her debut at 19 and rarely stopped thereafter. She had two marriages, the second to American film director William Friedkin. Director Tony Richardson left his wife, Vanessa Redgrave, for her but they never married. She also had affairs with directors Louis Malle and François Truffaut, fashion designer Pierre Cardin, jazz trumpeter Miles Davis and Theodoros Roubanis, the Greek actor/playboy.

She had a career-oriented, ambitious 10th house New Moon Mercury in Aquarius; with her Sun sextile an adventurous and lucky Jupiter Uranus in vibrant Aries; which in turn was in a high-octane square to Mars in Capricorn. Not a lady who did things by halves. She had Neptune in her performing 5th house, trine Mars; and on the focal point of a Yod of Sun sextile Uranus Jupiter. So her filmic Neptune was highlighted. She had another Yod of Mercury sextile Saturn inconjunct Pluto which would make her influential and give her a dislike of superficiality. Yods tend to produce a very focussed approach to life, once the right road is found. Before that everything feels strained and out of gear. Luckily she found her path early aged 16, when a theatre performance of Jean Anouilh’s Antigone pointed the way for her.

Her 8th house had Saturn and Venus in Sagittarius, which would give her the ability to project an aura, but was perhaps also why she formed multiple attachments rather than settling to longer term commitments.

Her actors’ 15th Harmonic was powerful joining Mars Pluto to her Moon and Uranus. She has been described as ‘smokily seductive’; ‘sensual, gravel-voiced’; ‘hauntingly expressive’.

President Macron today said of her: ‘She had in her eye a sparkle that deflected deference and inspired insolence, freedom, the turbulence of life that she liked so much.’

6 thoughts on “Jeanne Moreau – an archetypal Aquarius

  1. Major iconic stars usually have strong 8th houses – most commonly Neptune or Pluto there. It seems to give them an unseen power which touches the masses. The North Node can also connect a chart into the zeitgeist. Sam Shepard’s very focussed Pluto was conjunct his Leo Node. But not so Jeanne Moreau. So sometimes yes, sometimes no.

    • Thanks Marjorie. I am also sad about Sam Shephard. He was another very attractive person in his younger days and in some of his roles it is possible to get glimpses of pain and hardness.

  2. Jeanne Moreau was hauntingly beautiful. Late one night, I watched “The Lovers” on TCM. I was immediately drawn in by Ms. Moreau’s performance and beauty. Impossible to describe but she made a lasting impression I will never forget.

    Now Marjorie, I have an amateur astrology question for you so please bear with my ignorance….Do ethereal/iconic actors/artist generally have strong connections from their Venus to the outer planets Uranus, Neptune and Pluto? Is the connection to the outer planets draw us in as a collective? I am not sure I am phrasing this correctly, but I hope you get the idea.

    • I don’t know if it was beauty. She wasn’t a classic beauty, not a Catherine Deneuve or even Brigitte Bardot. But her charisma was truly unparalled. She oozed sex, too.

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