Jean-Luc Melenchon – French elections – an open race ** updated

A late surge by far-left Communist Jean-Luc Melanchon, now overtaking scandal-mired Republican Francois Fillon in the polls, is turning the upcoming French election into a bookie’s paradise. It’s anyone’s guess how it will shake down. The Tony Blair-ish charm of the inexperienced young centrist thruster Emmanuel Macron may not be enough to see him to the Elysee Palace. And there’s the anyone-but-Le-Pen to be factored in; but like Trump she appeals to the rust belt, managing to snare the far-left Trade Unionists with her anti-austerity stance as well as far-right anti-immigration votes. First round April 23rd and if not outright winner, a two candidate second round on May 7.

Melenchon, 19 Aug 1951 8.20am Tangier, Morocco, is a Sun Pluto in Leo with his Pluto trine Jupiter in Aries; and a divisive, reformist Uranus in his 10th on the focal point of a T Square to Jupiter opposition Neptune – definitely an ideologue. And Communists are not as unthinkable to the French as they are to Americans. But for all that with tr Neptune opposition his Sun/Saturn through both rounds; and tr Saturn square his Jupiter/Node on May 7th, he looks unlikely.

** Addendum: On a second look, if his birth time is only two minutes earlier he does have tr Pluto trine his Jupiter/MC midpoint which would explain his sharp rise in popularity. It picked up mid March and runs on till late May – and that will give him a tremendous boost. But he still has the Sun/Saturn midpoint undermined by tr Neptune – which I suppose could just be uncertainty and panic at ending up in an unexpectedly high profile position. His Solar Return, set for Paris, for Aug 2016 to Aug 2017 does have Uranus in the 10th, which is same as Trump running into the US election.

Macron has the same problem with tr Neptune opposition his Mars/Pluto over both rounds [see post Jan 17 2017].

Le Pen has a lucky whew of relief just after May 7th from tr Uranus trine her Sun/Jupiter midpoint. But her other influences could go either way. [See post Nov 19 2016].

Fillon at this stage is a no-hoper with Neptune dragging him underwater.

The France country chart gives few clues – apart from an air of insecurity and unhappiness over the result.



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  1. I live in France, like you, and feelings of insecurity and unhappiness have been building for a long time. A lot of people don’t want to vote at all or for any of them. Heard that before ???? I think the big story will not only be the result, but the low polling numbers and votes blanches (white votes where you register your vote without voting for any one).

    I don’t know about you, but I’m getting to the stage where I want to hide under the bed until it’s all over. My personal chart echoes the chaos around. Tricky times.

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