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Jared Kushner, 10 January 1981, husband of Ivanka Trump, has been called Donald Trump, his father-in-law’s de facto campaign manager. He is the eldest son of the billionaire real estate developer Charles Kushner who spent two years in prison for tax evasion, witness tampering, and corruption-related charges, after a bust-up with Charles’ siblings who gave evidence; and was visited weekly when inside by his son. Both father and son blame the press for unfair treatment, so wholesale denial seems to be an extended family trait. Jared has interests in the media, as well as real estate, buying an upmarket New York paper, which he professed to find boring to read, and has run through a succession of editors. He is Jewish, as is Ivanka now (I think).

Jared is a Sun Capricorn square Pluto, hence the close relationship with and loyalty to his father. His Mars in Aquarius is trine Jupiter Saturn in Libra so he has a hard-edge though also an enthusiastic and adventurous streak.

He doesn’t look happy at all at the moment with tr Neptune in confidence-denting squares to his Mars/Jupiter and Mars/Saturn midpoints until Jan 2017 and a plans-not-working tr Pluto conjunct Mars/Neptune until Dec 2016; with a final unsettling tr Uranus square his Sun in Dec/Jan 2017. He looks set for a few stressful years ahead with tr Uranus opposition his Pluto and then tr Pluto conjunct his Sun in 2018/19. His business buying of property has not always been sound.

His relationship with Donald is not remotely easy or harmonious, despite appearances to the contrary. Jared’s Mars opposes Donald’s Pluto and Jared’s Uranus squares Donald’s Mars; J’s Sun opposes D’s Saturn; and J’s Saturn is conjunct D’s Neptune – that all adds up to simmering power-struggles and hostility; tensions which will explode from time to time; differing attitudes to money with J’s more practical Saturn clashing with D’s vague and careless Neptune; and D being critical of J and putting him down.

Their relationship chart does have a superficial, sociable friendliness with a composite Sun opposition Venus Jupiter but there’s a fair whack of insincerity wrapped up in that. There’s also an ego-clashing, non-mutually-supportive composite Mars Neptune which is additionally in a tricky sextile to Pluto. It’ll be very stuck between them late Nov into Dec this year; with heavy pressures, strain and arguments from Jan 2017 onwards.

Jared’s relationship with Ivanka looks under disappointing influences with tr Saturn conjunct the composite Sun exactly now and tr Neptune squaring that Sun through 2017.

All three of Jared and Ivanka’s children (birth data on astro.com) have their Sun and Moon in uncomfortable dissonance – Cancer Sun with Aquarius Moon; Aries Sun Scorpio Moon; Libra Sun Pisces Moon. Two of them (birth data being sound) have Uranus in the 8th, hinting at a maverick grandfather. Two have squabbling Mars in the 3rd house of siblings.

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  1. Jared Kushner, Donald Trump, Ivanka et al……who says the fabulously wealthy high and mighty don’t have problems? A most revealing reading, Marjorie. Thank you for your great and ever eye-opening work.

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