Jared Kushner – brass neck and unshakeable arrogance ++ family traits

The epithets describing Jared Kushner’s elevation to a senior role in masterminding the USA coronavirus response are excoriating, the most pungent calling his squad a “frat party” that “descended from a U.F.O. and invaded the federal government.” Politico said “This is dilettantism raised to the level of sociopathy.” It follows on the heels of his much vaunted and long-awaited Middle East Peace plan which was dubbed “the Monty Python version of Israeli-Palestinian peace.”

His biographer said time and again people who’d dealt with Kushner told her that whatever he did, he “believed he could do it better than anybody else, and he had supreme confidence in his own abilities and his own judgment even when he didn’t know what he was talking about.”

Like Trump his previous career is littered with failures including a massive overspend on a Manhattan skyscraper, the debt from which has been a crushing burden for his family; and a bungled foray into newspaper ownership.

What did America ever do to deserve this?

His Mars in contrary, ornery and doggedly stubborn Aquarius opposes the USA’s leadership North Node in Leo – so he pulls in the opposite direction. His Pluto in Libra square his Capricorn Sun hooks into the US can-be-fanatical Pluto opposition Mercury; and his slippery, evasive Neptune in Sagittarius opposes the USA Mars, as his faux charm undermines the country’s assertiveness.

The relationship chart has a one-sided composite Sun Mars opposition Saturn – which suggests a relationship where only one partner gets what they want, while the other has to grit their teeth and suffer.

His confidence will get a serious elbow in the ribs come late May into June and again late October to mid November, and early 2021 with tr Uranus square his Mars. The first half of July and late December are also bad-tempered times of significant setbacks. The USA isn’t looking too fondly on him through this year and less so next.

Donkeys and dimwits wherever you look. Mind you the UK isn’t short on that score, but not quite so dramatically.

Add On:

His brother Joshua Kushner, a financier and co-founder of a high-tech health insurance company, which is providing data for CV, was born 12 June 1985. He’s a Sun Gemini trine Jupiter opposition Uranus; with a Rectangle of a publicity-seeking Mars in Cancer opposition Neptune which is sextile/trine Venus in indulgent Taurus opposition Pluto. His Mercury in Gemini is in a vague and evasive opposition to Neptune. He’s confident, innovative, a risk-taker, ruthlessly determined and super-ambitious. His relationship with Jared isn’t altogether cosy with a power-struggling composite Mars opposition Pluto in their relationship chart.

But really everything in the Kushner family relates back to father Charles, 16 May 1954, an acquisitive and utterly fixed, controlling Taurus Sun square Pluto; with Jupiter Venus in frivolous Gemini trine Neptune. Plus a wide Yod of Saturn in obsessive Scorpio sextile Mars in ambitious Capricorn inconjunct Mercury in Gemini – mentally highly-strung and disorganised. And an intense and vengeful Scorpio Moon. His parents were Holocaust survivors who came to the USA in 1949 from Poland.

Charles was imprisoned in 2005 after agreeing a plea deal with US Attorney Chris Christie on charges of illegal campaign contributions, tax evasion, and witness tampering. The final charge was because of an act of retaliation against his sister’s husband who was co-operating with federal investigators. Kushner arranged for a prostitute to seduce his brother-in-law, recorded the encounter and had the tape sent to his sister. A real charmer.

Jared evidently visited him throughout his prison sentence. They have an extraordinarily complex and tied-together relationship chart. There is an affectionate composite Sun Venus conjunction on the focal point of a Yod to Saturn sextile Jupiter; and opposition Uranus Pluto. The Sun Venus are also trine Neptune and sextile Mars; with Mars square Saturn. So it’s a bond with a good deal of friendliness, delusion, aggravation and sacrifice.

In a diluted form it has similarities to Jared’s relationship with Trump – with a friendly composite Sun opposition Venus Jupiter; a fated and stressed Yod of Pluto sextile Mars Neptune inconjunct Mercury; and a strained Sun inconjunct Uranus.

So not only has Ivanka married a similar temperament to her benighted father but Jared is adept at placating father-in-law’s monster ego since the dynamic is much as he is used to.

The charts of Joshua, Charles and the Charles/Jared relationship all have Gemini planets in line for tr Neptune squares from 2021 and on till almost mid decade; and Joshua and Charles will also be badly affected by the economically-challenged tr Saturn square tr Uranus of 2021. The Kushner family fortunes will be on a downhill slide for a while.

And the Jared/father Charles relationship chart even before then is under acute pressure this year with tr Pluto conjunct the Mars and square the Saturn.

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  1. Interesting that I have a friend born May 12, 1954. It’s even a stronger Sun square Pluto, but instead of being manipulative, for years she has been at the mercy of others’ manipulations, especially from women in work situations–better now than in past.
    Also, word about Charles Kushner is that he made huge donations to Harvard to gain entrance for Jared, and presumably his brother.

    I remember also reading about Jared Kushner when Ivanka was engaged. The word was that Trump thought Jared was a softie and not successful enough for his successful family. Apparently, Trump had real anger at Jared a few weeks ago before he turned around and gave him this position. Seems like both brothers wanted to marry “stars” in order to enhance their status.

  2. Let’s not forget that Jared is a slumlord. He has no problem with tenants living among rodents and roaches in the derelict rental properties owned by Kushner Companies. One nasty piece of work.

    • Yes, Philadelphia “slum” revenues filling the whole in books left by flashy 666 Project is probably the most on brand thing for Trump-Kushners.

  3. I see that Jared K has his Saturn and Jupiter aligned with Gienah, in the constellation of Corvus, the Crow or Raven:

    “According to Ptolemy, Corvus is like Mars and Saturn. It is said to give craftiness, greediness, ingenuity, patience, revengefulness, passion, selfishness, lying, aggressiveness, and material instincts, and sometimes causes its natives to become agitators. [Robson*, p.41.]”

    He also has fixed star Toliman, in the constellation of Centaurus, aligned with his Uranus in Scorpio:
    “Selfish; self-seeking, jealous of others’ success, dishonest, determined but indecisive in some things, loss through law, enemies and mercurial affairs, little prominence at home and greater reputation abroad, loss of friends, death through virulent disease. [Robson*, p.149.]”


  4. “What did America ever do to deserve this?”
    We elected Reagan, then Bush Sr w/Dan Quayle in tow, then Bush Jr, so Trump is a logical conclusion (let’s hope) to this reverse evolution. On the populous front, we embraced reality TV, which favorites the loudmouths & daredevils (even if their behavior is both self- and other-destructive).
    Since both Trump & Reagan share the bungling of pandemic-handling, Marjorie, would you have the time to do a comparison chart between the two?

    • Not really similar except for both being quite Jupiterian. Reagan was an Aquarius Sun square Jupiter in Scorpio opposition a Taurus Moon – so more fixed, less scattergun, but certainly laid back.

      • I’d say that the difference between Trump Administration and Reagan Administration responses to healthcare crisis is that Trump Administration’s response is based on aduratory incompetence, while Reagan Administration was willing negligence. As the Governor of California, Reagan showed at least certain tolerance towards gay community, and Nancy had openly gay friends. I seem to recall an article where it was said his “civil liberties” stances took a more concervative turn when Evangelical PACs started backing him.

        So, I honestly think that if there had been the kind of healthcare risk Covid-19 poses – indiscriminatory in mode of transfer -, Reagan Administration’s response would likely have been very different. To begin with, Reagan himself would have listened to Intelligence briefings. They would have locked down the whole country and invoked Wartime Production Act by now. And would have sailed to re-election, no matter how many kids they left hungry.

      • Interesting that both Ivanka and Jared have Venus/Neptune in Sadgittarius, even if they are born almost a year apart. Should show on their composite, as well. They apparently feel they are “destined” to each other, but they seem so devoid of any sort of human emotion they probably do not know what this would mean to people capable of forming true emotional bonds. If it wasn’t for their children, I think it also would be a blessing that they found each other to playact a marriage rather than make other people miserable.

        Also, in “simple astrology” level I’ve long suspected Saturn hitting his Mars in 2021 will also lead to a trial, and, possibly, imprisonment. The timing of first hit and second, after a retrograde, absolutely fit with indictment and court date.

  5. “he believed he could do it better than anybody else, and he had supreme confidence in his own abilities and his own judgment even when he didn’t know what he was talking about.”

    Who does that sound like? Ivanka really did marry her father, didn’t she?

    Marjorie, is it possible to look at Jared’s brother, Joshua? He appears on the face of it very different from the family. He married model, Karlie Kloss, a little while back, and she has a reputation in some circles of being an opportunistic social climber, so I’m curious about the family psychology. The belief Jared has about himself is so shockingly like Donald. It seems, people always seem to find their usual family patterns in their partners and replicate them for the next generation.

    • Thank you Marjorie. Kushner has always given me the absolute creeps, he has the sort of presence that breaks the dial on my spider senses. He reminds me of the character of “Brahms”, a possessed devil-doll in a recent horror movie called “The Boy”.

      He has a reckless, deluded Venus/Neptune conjunction in Sagittarius so money will run through his fingers like water and therefore he should be the last person to be given any kind of financial responsibility. God help the USA.

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