Jackie Kennedy – Scorpio South Node finally put to rest

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The USA went into shock when Jackie Kennedy, the grieving widow and epitome of elegance, married Aristotle Onassis, the Greek shipping magnate, then one of the wealthiest men in the world. He was a notorious womaniser who had reputedly bedded Marilyn Monroe amongst many others including Jackie’s sister Lee Radziwill; and he was passionately involved with opera singer Maria Callas. The marriage in 1968 came five months after Bobby Kennedy was assassinated and Jackie’s fears for the security of her children and need for privacy won out. For Onassis it was a business opportunity to ingratiate himself with the US and boost his image. Within five months Onassis had picked up again with Maria Callas, his humiliated mistress, and the marriage headed into a bitter divorce that dragged on up to his death in 1975.

Since her death in 1994, Jackie Kennedy’s ice-queen reputation has been stripped away as multiple affairs have been revealed (or alleged) including with two other Kennedy brothers, Bobby and Teddy, and high-profile Hollywood celebrities like Warren Beatty, Marlon Brando, William Holden.

The international jet set, like the Brit aristos, live by different rules.

Jackie Kennedy’s chart does have a deeply-buried, intensely emotional and fickle Venus in Gemini in the 8th opposition Saturn. Venus Saturn oddly can have a propensity for rampant sexuality; and she did have Uranus in her romantic 5th which is equally given to flash attractions that switch on and switch off.

Onassis’s Pluto was conjunct her Venus in the 8th; and her Pluto was opposition his Venus in Capricorn – so there would be a good deal of passion at initially, but like most Plutonic relationships when it went sour it got nasty. Her Saturn was on his MC, bringing him, he hoped, status; and her Leo Sun was in his entertaining 5th, so a good party companion.

The relationship chart has a composite Sun (in Scorpio) square Neptune and square Saturn, so delusional and disappointing as well as chilly or for material/practical reasons. The composite Venus does square Pluto, so close for a while, but not a partnership designed to last.

Whereas her relationship chart with JFK was extraordinarily intertwined. Not easy but destined to be a soul match where together they made each other more whole. There was a composite New Moon Pluto in the 8th, with Pluto conjunct Mars – so a powerful connection with a good deal of buried rage. Like her, JFK had Venus in Gemini; and his Sun in Gemini was conjunct her Jupiter, so he would bring a sense of support, despite his wanderings. His Neptune admittedly was conjunct her Sun, so she would find him tricky to pin down.

She’d have been genuinely fond of Edward Kennedy with a composite Sun Venus, whereas her relationship with Bobby was more hot fun for a passing moment.

Her final relationship was with diamond merchant Maurice Tempelsman, who supported her through her final decade according to a friend with “understanding, stability and serenity. She was at peace with him.” He was a month younger than her with a Sun Neptune in Virgo and his Venus Pluto in Cancer squared her Aries Moon. Not a riotous relationship but one that offered security. His Taurus Moon may have been conjunct her Taurus Node and Descendant.

Her Taurus North Node is interesting since it often brings a life of turmoil over sex and money, but ultimately contentment. She was on her Nodal Return when Onassis died in 1975 so perhaps that was the end of her battle to act out her Scorpio South Node, allowing her to move towards Taurus’s stability and peace.

3 thoughts on “Jackie Kennedy – Scorpio South Node finally put to rest

  1. I think she was far more affected by the death of John Kennedy than the world ever credited her and thank goodness she never saw what happened to John John.

  2. Jackie’s wedding dress seemed too casual, as if it had been pulled off the rack the day before. She looked like an aging party girl. This only added to the shock most of us felt about the Onassis marriage.

  3. After Onassis, Jackie seemed to just up-and-disappear. Tho she’d made surpise appearances in NYC from time to time. “International jet set” – haven’t seen that phrase for a long time…

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