J K Rowling – poking a hornets’ nest ++ Uranus in Aquarius

J.K. Rowling appears to have tramped on the trans-lobby’s hyper-sensitive corns by suggesting that sex is real and that ‘persons who menstruate’ are actually called women. That brought the howling dervishes around her ears on twitter and elsewhere and she was accused of being an ‘aggressive biological existentialist’. In return she accused her accusers of being misogynist. Martina Navratilova pitched in with support for her, mentioning the importance of defending a level playing field in women’s sport.

Her latest children’s book has been less of a sensation than the Harry Potters leading to suggestions that she’s now out of favour. Not that she’ll worry too much given her reputed £750 million wealth though it may dent her ego.

She was born 31 July 1965 at 9.10pm (rectified from approximate time), Liverpool, England. She is an entertaining Sun Leo in a creative square to Neptune in her 9th house which rules publishing and communication. With her Sun in a helpful trine to her Midheaven. She also has a stellium in communicative Virgo of Mercury, Venus, Uranus, Pluto and Moon. Her Uranus, Pluto and Moon oppose Saturn squaring onto a lucky, confident and scattered Jupiter in Gemini. Her Moon on the cusp of her 8th and Mars in her 8th give her added intensity.

She has tr Uranus on the cusp of her outspoken 3rd house exactly square her Sun at the moment, and that will be around for almost another year – so expect more blunt opinions. She’s on her Progressed Moon Return so will be rethinking her life and maybe her public relations for the next cycle head. It’ll have a bumpy start with tricky Solar Arcs over the next four or five years – a blocked Solar Arc Pluto square her Sun in 8 months’ time; then Solar Arc Uranus square her Sun in late 2022; followed by Solar Arc Mars square Uranus, Pluto, then Saturn between 2022 and 2025. Tr Neptune will square her Jupiter bringing a few disappointments, perhaps financial or domestic in 2022/23; and tr Neptune will then oppose her Moon in 2023. During this next phase as well tr Saturn will move below her Ascendant into a lower profile few years from 2022 onwards. So time to step back, return to the drawing board and revision.

PS: I’m too old for this trans-terf argument and watch the whole screeching and screaming farrago with disbelief. My hackles go straight up anyway with all the acronymic jargon. Trans exclusionary radical feminist, for heaven’s sake = “a brand of ‘radical feminism’ that is so rooted in sex essentialism and its resulting biologism, it actively campaigns against the existence, equality, and/or inclusion of trans people.”

Not sure what astrology it reflects – or should that be the other way round. Aquarius is androgynous, against the biology, but it hasn’t got into gear yet. And the Terf term evidently popped up in 2008. Doesn’t sound remotely Pluto in Capricorn. Though maybe the Pluto square Uranus from 2012 onwards stirred up support for the marginalised members of society. Though doesn’t feel like the answer. Any suggestions gratefully received.

Add ON: Thinking of this less in terms of present day astro-influences, but more as a generational divide might make sense. Through the 1990s Uranus and Neptune were conjunct, or in orb, and after 1995 Uranus was in Aquarius until 2003 with Neptune belatedly catching up. Uranus Neptune together can be inspired but can also be fanatical and frankly off-the-wall, hanging onto opinions in the face of incontrovertible evidence that they are wrong.

“In terms of awareness and language, there is definitely a generational shift going on,” says Finn Mackay, a sociology lecturer at the University of the West of England and author of a forthcoming book on female masculinities and the gender wars.  “We know that Generation Zers, a marketing term used to define those born roughly between 1995 and 2003, are most likely to use different pronouns like they/them, or to identify as non-binary, and they see these terms as a lot more fluid.”

Uranus in Aquarius it is with a smidgeon of Neptune for good measure.

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  1. Thanks Marjorie. It’s always helpful to read your interpretation from an astrological perspective. Sometimes things in the world are too heated and astrology cools it some.

    Thanks also to Jane for her comment. I was also looking back to the last time Uranus was in Taurus because I wondered if it represented this attack (so to speak) on women. The years of WWII – the start and end dates and ramp up – and the degrees of Uranus during and comparing it to now, I have thought of Hitler, Mengele etc. and wondered if this was part of why for the trans issues. Superior race, improving on humans for personal belief, etc.

    There are Gender Critical discussions in various places for balanced takes. Many trans men speaking up in support of women and even some trans women in support of women. A balanced take is necessary but few seem to want to read individual experiences.
    I’m born mid-60s so very grateful and aligned with Rowling. She’s done and said nothing wrong, in my opinion. I’m a feminist and often think of the women’s rights movements since the beginning and so I will not hesitate to maintain speaking up for rights of girls and women.

  2. While applauding the dream of a nice world in which everyone respected everyone else’s sensitivities there are risks about having to circumnavigate other people’s minefields.
    To give a mundane example – the objection to traditional classical literature in university courses because it ‘triggers’ certain issues in certain people would remove/delete great tranches of creative writing.
    The long-overdue recognition of the prevalence of child sexual abuse led to a reluctance to give children hugs when they needed it at school and elsewhere. Checks on adults working with or helping out with children led to many adults who genuinely liked children in a healthy way backing off. In attempting to prevent one ‘bad’ it unintentionally set in train other undesirable consequences.
    There is an old adage that in a free and decent society everyone should have a ring fence of freedom around them in which they may do as they please. But it extends only in so far as it does not impinge on the rights of others.
    Being swayed, coerced, manipulated by the hyper-sensitivities of one group can be an infringement of the rights of others in the society. The trans lobby show no indication that they tolerate the rights of anyone other than themselves. Their view of the world and the genders or lack thereof is the only one allowed to have air space.

    • When I read your first comments on this Marjorie, I laughed out loud, having never heard of Terfs and the discussions going on, I too prefer solid English to stay on the path of understanding instead of new descriptions of the same thing, but maybe it’s our age. You haven’t been disrespectful in any way, neither has JK, everyone – especially on this site – is granted the grace of a point of view which educates us but does not force an opinion on us in any shape or form. Keep it up.

    • As Mars joins Neptune in Pisces, currently with the Moon moving to close in on the conjunction over the weekend, all squaring Sun in Gemini I think the debate is going to get even more heated. The Pluto, Jupiter, Saturn conjunction at the end of Capricorn/cusp of Aquarius is also retrograde at the moment. I read today that some British schools have condemned JK Rowling for expressing her views. With the BBC pulling various programmes from its online catalogue, statues In London having to be boarded up because this weekend will see protests from Far Right groups as well as protests from BLM in Hyde Park, I fear we will see some violent clashes.

      Hugh’s posts on the astrological parallels of today with the period of the Protestant reformation have given me much food for thought.

      • I think it’s ridiculous that schools are condemning JK’s views when they should be using her words as a way to open up a discourse and why we should be moving forward with an open manner, and that means not condemning someone else’s voice and sticking them in the attic like the mad cousin.

        I think this rash action of removing statues and voices from the fabric of society is an over the top display of political correctness that is meaning to say, “I am ashamed of what has happened and by removing these bad stains from view, I show my solidarity.” But then go on to destroy everything without ever really opening up and airing our problems in a healthy manner. The problems just remain there deep down in the identity of a collective and continue to bubble up into the open in demeaning ways. Removing things out of view is only just hiding it.

        We need open talks, serious education, and thorough rules and regulations put into place and create a safe, thriving place that we with privilege should be sharing and supporting others with. As for JK’s views, although they are out of date with the confusing, evolving times that looks like it is opening up the ground, albeit violently, to begin to accept others in the coming generation, it isn’t hate speech. So she should be allowed to air her thoughts but also expect some comeback for it (and I don’t mean nasty, trolling from behind a keyboard).

  3. Good on JK with her all the way, female is being erased as a sex and male will be next, do not think you are exempt. As to the use of the word Terf to abuse women, it is just a new word for witch.

  4. We are all learning so much, so fast (Aquarian energy!) – the planets are certainly putting us all through the wringer, and as the Ebertin cycles suggest – it certainly is the dawning of the Age of Aquarius. With regards to information and education on this subject if anyone is interested, in a balanced format – here’s a link if it is allowed, which is an education site, supplied by Daniel Radcliffe – countering J K Rowlings, somewhat insensitive opinions, from a woman who has an alter-ego (Robert Galbraith!)…go figure!


    PS: Ms Orr, too old? Never!

    • Do you think it might be insensitive for a man to explain to a woman what a woman is? To publicly apologise for her and throw her under the bus at a time that she’s receiving death and rape threats?

      • It is awful that anyone should persecute ANYONE, for any reason based on ANY part of their person. The fact that JK Rowling commented on an issue that hurt many of her Trans community fans, cut to the core, and Daniel Radcliffe, stepped in as he is close to the fan base. As a mere commentator, a humble spectator – one can only say that it is far better to be kind, empathic and understanding – and that is certainly the impression and timbre that I got from Daniel Radcliffe’s statement. But each to their own, let’s hope some Piscean peace descends soon!

        • Thanks for your response. Personally, I can’t see why what she said, which was perfectly factual, should hurt people’s feelings. Otherwise, could you please explain to me, without using gender stereotypes, what is the difference between men and women? I think that allowing self ID biological males access to spaces with vulnerable females are does more than hurt feelings, it can and has caused real harm. Nobody is saying that adults shouldn’t be able to live their lives however they choose – the issue is when it affects the rights of others and endangers vulnerable people. But Daniel seems to think that being seen to be nice is more important than that

          • Therein lies in the entire problem – the inability to get to the nub of the issue and respect everyone, and hurt not one living being in the process – identities/feelings/bodies have been hurt here. You are right, vulnerable people do need their rights protecting by law, there will always be evil entities on this planet – can two truths be held at once in this instance, perchance…the greatest difficulty that perhaps Chiron/Saturn is throwing us here…as for differentiating between gender/sexuality/identity…I refer to the Trevor project on such matters, as I myself, am still learning in this new era. I do fear though, that this debate would be far better served with civility and respect, instead of fighting each other at such a time of global crisis. I’ll keep learning, hope others will too! We’ll have to do something about this warlike Aries!

  5. “PS: I’m too old for this trans-terf argument and watch the whole screeching and screaming farrago with disbelief. My hackles go straight up anyway with all the acronymic jargon. Trans exclusionary radical feminist, for heaven’s sake = “a brand of ‘radical feminism’ that is so rooted in sex essentialism and its resulting biologism, it actively campaigns against the existence, equality, and/or inclusion of trans people.”

    Incidently, I just watched “Mrs. America”, a very well made fictionalized account on fight for/against ERA in the 1970’s US (very Pluto in Libra, I might say), and was reminded on how Betty Friedan had some truly controversial views on whether Lesbians right should be part of “women’s rights”. Also, how much infighting there was among the movement overall. So, nothing new here.

    I also was very intrigued (and infuriated) by the main character/antagonist Phyllis Schlafly. I did remember hearing the name referred as the source of many current “Conservative” talking points, but didn’t realize there are currently very popular Millenial Conservative male talk show hosts who rip her shamelessly. I didn’t look at her Astro info beyond Aug 15th 1924 birthdate, but given my greatuncle was born 6 weeks later the same day as Jimmy Carter, I think she had Sun/Neptune in Leo and Saturn in Libra, explaining she became such a charismatic character.

  6. If women were held with the same regard as men, or our female existence valued with similar alacrity as we do all things male, this trans nonsense would be a non-issue.

  7. Thanks Marjorie. The infinite complexities of gender and sexuality definitions are indeed a minefield, and do obscure the simple reality of accepting one another, or being able to have nuanced discussions. I was curious about the early sexologists, whose “scientific” and/or medical names for the wide variety of human sexual expression and gender identity, could be considered to have begun this process. A Saturn-Uranus theme seems to be appearing.

    Richard Krafft-Ebing (14 August 1840) published his “Psychopathia Sexualis” in 1886. That year had Jupiter and Uranus in Libra, squaring onto Saturn in Cancer. Natally, Krafft-Ebing had Uranus in Pisces square Saturn in Sagittarius, and a Scorpio Jupiter Square Neptune in Aquarius.

    Dr Magnus Hirschfield (14 May 1868) opened his Institute for Sexology in Berlin in 1919. That year had Uranus in Aquarius opposing Saturn in Leo. Jupiter and Neptune were conjunct in Leo in September, 1919. Early reassignment surgery was carried out there in 1930 for Lili Elbe, and 1931 for Dora Richter. At that time Uranus in Aries was square Saturn in Capricorn with a t-square appearing to Pluto in Cancer.

    Havelock Ellis’ “Sexual Inversion” was published in 1897, with Uranus and Saturn conjunct in Scorpio that year, Pluto and Neptune in Gemini, and at some point Jupiter in Virgo squaring those.

    Another Saturn square Uranus phase is approaching. Perhaps we’ll see a turning point or some new developments in this story then.

  8. My first thought after reading about JKR being “on it” again this was “why doesn’t she just shut up and enjoy her mansion(s)?” And apparently I was not the only one, there were many people, even trans right activists, who just shrug their shoulders this time and dismissed her as another celebrity who just has to voice their opinion on everything, even if they are generally out of touch on (most) issues.

    This very apparent from her birth chart, too.
    With a massive 7th house, with Moon sitting there, she definitely needs people. And for some reason, she now goes to Twitter to have that interaction, it really seems ANY interaction. Probably something in her private life.

    • I suppose it’s exactly because she has the mansions that she is in a position to be a voice. Many women fear discussing this openly because of the pile-ons; people have had their jobs threatened and suffered abuse

      • That’s one thing, but who is she exactly “a voice” for here? Also, there is not a small backlash against these sorts of “voices”, who speak for issues without having a stake in them themselves. I think that what’s popular in 2020 (and has been for a while) is being “an ally”, meaning that when a celebrity is in a position to help a marginalized community, by giving them space, they give a platform to those people.

        Notice that while Martina Navratilova has said things about trans women in sports, she has, to my knowledge, been met with mostly very respectful arguments. This is because people do know she had/has a genuine concern here. (Also, interestingly, there are several athletes from ex-Eastern Block countries who competed at female cathegories, who have since “transitioned” due to massive doses of testosterone.)

        • “That’s one thing, but who is she exactly “a voice” for here?”

          Perhaps the women who suffered at the hands of Karen White, just for starters

        • Hm, I take the point about celebrities just wanting a platform since they can’t survive without an audience. But I’m doubtful about an argument that says if you’ve no skin in the game or personal stake then you can’t comment.
          One problem with all injustices/unfairnesses/disorders is that those personally involved feel their pain and their issue is more important than any other. And where they are effective screamers then their arguments are given undue weight and no one else gets a word in. What the ‘uninvolved’ can lend to a debate is a sense of perspective and a sensitivity to the unintended consequences of one view being all that is counted.
          In this instance it’s an argument that affects all women in terms of their understanding of themselves and their feminine gender as well as having a knock-on effect for the wider society including children and vulnerable women.
          JK Rowling may be deliberately provocative to stir up a reaction but many people won’t disagree with the general tenor of her views. So she gives voice for a certain section of the silent ones.

  9. My problem apart from having grown up in an unthinking binary culture is the level of screaming hostility which this subject evokes. No one, including Rowling, is in any way unsupportive of those born with gender dysphoria. But what is a relatively small, in percentage terms, problem has been forcibly turned into a major battleground.
    The take-no-prisoners kickback to commonsense points about – protecting vulnerable women in domestic refuge centres and prisons; unfairness in sport where the differing musculature developed by early testosterone input does skew the equation; evangelizing children who are still at an impressionable age; and shutting down post-transition research – all indicate an irrational desperation and a huge reservoir of destructive anger.
    Thinking of this less in terms of present day astro-influences, but more as a generational divide might make sense. Though I agree Neptune in Pisces has much to answer for in terms of delusional attitudes – a touch of the Dionysian madness.
    Through the 1990s Uranus and Neptune were conjunct, or in orb, and after 1995 Uranus was in Aquarius with Neptune belatedly catching up. Uranus Neptune together can be inspired but can also be fanatical and frankly off-the-wall, hanging onto opinions in the face of incontrovertible evidence that they are wrong.
    What leaves the boomers (and whatever Rowling’s 1960s generation is called) mystified won’t seem quite so odd to those born with either the triple conjunction of Uranus, Neptune, Saturn or the later Uranus Neptune of the 90s generation.

    • Gender/sex discussion on philosophical sense was a big issue in Women Studies, not yet rebranded, more aptly, Gender Studies, when I was at Uni in the mid-1990’s. While I found much of the Lacanian psychoanalytic theory that I was forced to read through at that time confusing and even ridiculous – even if we had a Professor that was incredibly good at his work -, I actually found Judith Butler’s work very enlightning. I do acknowledge this was a very “progressive” environment, and quite honestly didn’t even think these theories would become mainstream some day. That said, I’d say there was a big shift on how these issues were discussed even academically as early as in late 1980’s and early 1990’s. Theory has been here and evolved since, but I think current discussion might be part of Outer Planets cycle and, interestingly, Capricorn.

  10. I am inclined to think that the culture wars between the social justice warriors on the left and the populist right of Trump, Bolsonaro, Orban and others really ramped up when Neptune entered Picses in 2011. Both sides feed off each other and are utterly uncompromising. Neptune squared Saturn on and off through 2016 when Trump came to power – a clash between feeling and intuition against harsh reality and power. The trans issue seems to be a part of this wider struggle.

  11. When I read JK’s post, I at first didn’t think there was anything wrong with it. But then I went and did some reading and was surprised that trans females actually can menstruate. And there are those who are intersex who menstruate too, plus a myriad of other variables that don’t fall into the traditional description. So ‘people who menstruate’ is correct. I think the problem with JK is she has past form that has demeaned the trans community and there is a lot of anger towards her because of this. She even liked a post that stated trans women were just ‘men in dresses’ if I recall correctly, which is quite nasty of her.

    I do agree that it can be mind-bending coming to terms with this trans and binary vocabulary, but doesn’t the frustration also come from being forced to navigate a world that is becoming unrecognizable to many? It will come easier in time, I guess. But the militant aggression of people on the internet attacking others for thinking differently can be unpleasant to witness. There is something of a mob mentality borne out of the social media landscape that is very ugly. I guess the term ‘Social Justice Warrior’ was given to this kind of behaviour.

    • Yes, I agree with you that progress towards society’s acceptance and understanding of trans people’s experience is going to take time. I certainly don’t think it’s possible to have a nuanced discussion or gain any deeper knowledge of the issue when the debate is carried out on Twitter.

      • Those who identify with the alt genders, for lack of fluency with the current langage, become quickly offended by “normal” peoples language. We’re not ignorant but there are just so many splinter groups to navigate. How about a little compassion for us? Be yourselves but not be so angry against us.

        Is there any safe venue / forum that such debates or conversations can be held?

        • Sorry larryc, I missed your post.

          I think Twitter is not really the place for in-depth discussion because of the inevitability of a Twitter fight, and Twitter fights are very, very silly.

          Identify politics really are a minefield. Yes, one naturally feels empathy for people who feel marginalised and outcast but I do dislike the anger, I mean, why fight people who are trying to understand?

      • Both JK Rowling and Emma Watson were attacked in the same week for their views (JK for her trans remark and Emma for her Instagram on the Black Lives Matter topic). What is interesting is their different reactions to the accusations; JK dug her heels in and tried to school the trans community which just escalated the problem further. Whereas Emma admitted that she doesn’t always get things right, and with her ingrained white privilege she is not always able to see the woods for the trees and is very open to working with the community to educate herself on the matter to help break down her own ignorance. I think JK Rowling could learn a thing or two from the young Hermione.

    • JKR is not the authority on sex, that we know for certain. We should call in Dr. Ruth. Even in her 90’s, not menstruating and therefore not a woman by JKR’s mistaken rule, Dr. Ruth has more sense.

    • Would love to know where you read that trans women can menstruate – think about it , it’s nonsensical. To have a period, you have to have a womb. Biological sex exists. I think that JK Rowling is pretty brave to face down the radical trans mob on twitter and defend women’s sex-based rights. She is not anti-trans, she is anti being intimidated into accepting an ideology which she does not agree with. Interesting how the radical trans lobby portray themselves as victims of ‘terfs’, in itself a nasty derogatory term, when women who disagree with them are literally threatened with physical violence or worse.

      • My apologies, it’s trans men not women (obviously from being born with a womb). But for these trans men who still have periods, JKR, although right from a biological perspective, is not being helpful when saying to those who live and identify as being male, “if you menstruate, you’re a woman. End of.” I guess to them, especially when she likes a post that states trans women are “just men in dresses”, all they hear her say is, “Who are you kidding?” I think her liking that post has subjected a lot of this ugly backfire and her enemies were just waiting to pounce, and lets be honest, social media is a terrible place for keyboard warriors and those who think differently about any topic or subject. Its like anybody is game for some digital mobbing. It’s allowed political correctness to turn into a circus of insanity. I despise social media these days. Its like living in a minefield.

        Nevermind gender menstruation, I’m having my mind twisted when I read articles on people who don’t identify with he or she and prefer to be called they. The times they are a’ changing, as Dylan said.

  12. I agree that it’s possibly connected to Uranus in Aries and that historically speaking revolutionary ideas and awakenings, etc can manifest as militant (Aries) and also that the notion of self, gender and identity undergoes a certain revolution. ISIS came into public prominence during the last Uranus in Aries period (2011 – 2018). The rise of the selfie, an instantly accessible image of the self – the self-created headshot enabled by technology was very much Uranus in Aries. During the period 1927 to 1934, both the Chinese ‘Red Army’ was founded and technology enabled talking pictures, cinema was coming into its own and humans could see themselves moving and speaking as never before. The blurring of the genders was evident in fashion and style, short hair and trousers on women, more feminine modes for men, much of it influenced by Cinema during the era. Berlin cabaret culture was at its height.

    I don’t pretend to know anything of trans people’s experience. I think it will be interesting when Neptune moved into Aries in a few years time.

  13. The ‘trans’ issue really flared up during the transit of Uranus in Aries. It felt a bit like Mars (ruler of Aries) was literally being castrated by Uranus during that transit. The issue of trans women (rather than trans men) has really dominated the headlines in the past few years- the ramifications in sport etc. Did make me wonder what will happen when Pluto is in Aries…

  14. Hi Marjorie,

    I was going to write to you on one of the topics you touched on in the last paragraph.

    I was discussing with a friend that slavery is not an experience unique to the African community nor was it only practiced from the 15th century onwards. It has been in existence throughout human history and indeed socially accepted throughout human history except in the recent past.

    The turning point of the evolution of equality seems to have been the French Revolution in 1789-91, with Haiti shortly after abolishing slavery and the UK abolishing the slave trade soon thereafter.

    Since then, we have seen women suffrage, universal suffrage and more emphasis on equality in all modes of life.

    Could it be that the Age of Aquarius was at its cusp in the 1790s and that now we are well and truly into it? That would also explain the Reformation and its wars as the last hurrah of the Age of Pisces.

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