ISIL & Al Quaeda – a battle for the long haul

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Bangladesh siege, at least 22 dead; today Baghdad bombs kill at least 125, injuring many more.

ISIL, which set out to establish a Caliphate, may be losing the war on the ground with their headquarters in Fallujah in Iraq falling last month, following on from Ramadi, and Palmyra in Syria in March. But they are now shifting over to the original al-Qaeda approach, of self-starter terrorist actions abroad, aimed at destabilising hostile countries in the Middle and Far East, Africa and Europe. A NATO official said that terrorists are trying to obtain biological and nuclear materials.

The so-called “Islamic State” may be on the way out, but global jihadism is only getting started, with Al Quaeda also beginning to become more effective again.

The ISIL 2006 chart has been getting violently shaken by tr Uranus opposition Venus Sun Mars over the past year, causing insecurity, and a kick-back gestures to prop up their bravado. But tr Uranus is also trine their Pluto and Saturn – hence the re-visioning of their aims and goals.

The September Eclipse will oppose their Uranus along with tr Neptune conjunct and tr Saturn square now and extending on into 2017. That suggests high-wire anxiety, tensions and set-backs. But it’s really 2018 where the heavy pressure starts with tr Pluto square their Libra Sun for two years. Unfortunately it is also sextile their Jupiter in Scorpio at the same time, so they are likely to be making a confident and probably successful push. 2020/21 is when they will probably meet their downfall when tr Pluto squares their Mars.

Al Quaeda, 11 Aug 1988, went quiet after Bin Laden’s death in 2011, when tr Pluto square tr Saturn was hitting on their Mars and Neptune. Their new leader does not have Bin Laden’s credentials but he has been building support across the region in Yemen and Syria. They look marginally deflated in 2017. But it is 2019 which sees another dead-halt for them when Solar Arc Mars opposes their stressed Pluto.

Jihadist terrorists are like the hundred-headed Hydra. Cut off one head, and another appears. The Sunni-Shia schism is one major factor; as are the disenfranchised and angry youth of many Middle Eastern and indeed European countries. A problem with no obvious solution.

3 thoughts on “ISIL & Al Quaeda – a battle for the long haul

  1. Angelena – it is also reminiscent of the post 50’s disappointment in America, leading to 1960’s civil rights movements, both radical and peaceful, drugs, music, sex, and speaking out against what always was force-fed to us (as children) at home and in school, as the American dream.

    I don’t think the Hitlerjungen really knew what they were doing…or why. They were kids, and either followed orders or died. Though, bullies even young do what they will, regardless of politics and generational demands.

    • Thank you for your useful addition\correction. I’m British so the American perspective is always interesting.

  2. Definitely agree with your last statement. Youth uprising is reminiscent of the Hitler youth. Uranus in Aries, Pluto in Cancer? Young people need a cause and a sense of identity whatever that might entail. I remember converting to Shia Islam when I met my former husband ( Iranian). I dropped it after my Saturn return. I could say my actions never hurt anyone but they did. My poor mother. 🙁 RIP

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