Ireland – new government on the Earth Grand Trine

Enda Kenny has cobbled together a government finally 70 days after the election. It’ll be a minority government and he was sworn in at 14.22 this afternoon 6 May 2016.

That gives a 9th house New Moon, Venus and Mercury in Taurus which suggests a focus on international matters, education and communication.  It has the commercially confident, practical and lucky Earth Grand Trine of New Moon trine a 1st house Jupiter in Virgo on the Ascendant trine a 5th house Pluto.  So far so great.

But that forms into a Kite with the Jupiter opposition Neptune on the Descendant – which suggests a lack of commitment towards partnership agreements.  The Jupiter opposition Neptune can also be deluded when it comes to high finance and since that squares onto a 4th house Saturn Mars in Sagittarius – it points to an unhappy, grumbling and exasperated population.

The grandstanding 5th house Pluto squares a financially-wobbly 8th house Uranus.

This year the tr Neptune opposition Jupiter square Saturn will run backwards and forwards over the exact aspects causing some anxiety.  From spring 2017 tr Neptune closes the opposition to Jupiter to exact so I’d expect some economic disappointments then.

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