Iran – revolution hitting its mid life crisis



This month is the 40th anniversary of the Iranian Revolution in 1979 which brought the hard-line clerics to power, with the country grappling with rising protests, strikes, acts of civil disobedience and an aging supreme leader rumoured to have cancer. The population are restive, complaining about corruption, wishing for a sectarian state and freedom from sanctions and restrictions on personal freedom.

The Iran 7 October 1906, first Parliamentary Democracy chart, is sagging badly this year with tr Neptune opposition the Mars which usually induces a sense of failure. What might be a key time is late year when the Capricorn Solar Eclipse is conjunct the Uranus which will bring upheavals, disruptions and rebellions in the months thereafter.

Bizarrely – or maybe not – Uranus is at the same degree of Capricorn on Ayatollah Khameini’s leadership chart, 4 June 1989, so the December Eclipse will also tug sharply at his chart; and indeed the earlier Eclipses this year in Cancer in July and Capricorn in January are also in hard aspect to the Leadership Neptune Saturn in Capricorn as well; plus tr Pluto in a cornered, frustrated opposition to the Leadership Mars in 2019/2020; and tr Neptune in an undermining square to Sun/Jupiter and Jupiter. So his term is in crisis-mode.

He’s extraordinarily tough and there’s no saying when he goes another similar won’t take his place.

The 1 February 1979 Revolutionary Iran chart is on edge this year with a restless tr Pluto sextile Uranus; and outspoken from this July with tr Uranus square Mercury; with an even more volatile mood in 2020/2021 as tr Uranus square the Mars and Sun, bringing in sudden dramatic changes.

But it may well be the mid 2020s as tr Neptune nears the end of its term in Pisces when there’s a chance of settling into a more constructive phase.

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  1. I lived in Iran 1979 to 81 with my Iranian husband and have recently come back to UK from seeing his family. It was a shocking time back then but the youth are ready to bring down the regime. Outside help not needed so butt out USA.

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