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India has threatened to ensure “complete isolation” of Pakistan after a suicide bomber killed 46 paramilitary police in Indian-administered Kashmir. Politicians claim to have “incontrovertible evidence” of Pakistan’s involvement but have not provided it. Customs duty has now been raised to 200% on all goods from across the border, an effective ban. It will hit Pakistan badly which is struggling economically and is only this week welcoming Mohammed bin Salman from Saudi Arabia with the hopes of attracting investment.

There’s nothing too dramatic showing on the main charts though Pakistan does have tr Uranus moving into its 8th house of joint finances exactly now, starting a seven year phase of economic ups and downs.  Though there are fractious and explosively angry Mars midpoints being elbowed by tr Pluto in opposition exactly now and on and off till the year end.

And if the elective start times are accurate then the composite midheaven (= joint direction) is under heavy challenges till the year end; and there’ll be a re-set of the relationship after some jolts from mid this year onwards.

Imran Khan’s Premiership chart, 18 August 2018 always looked volatile and crisis-ridden with Mars on the IC opposition Node square a 7th house Uranus pointing to sudden separations in neighbouring relationships. Tr Uranus is exactly square the Mars now and moving to conjunct the Uranus in a few weeks’ time, repeating into 2020 – so the rift may not heal quickly.

I’m never popular when I point back to the old First Unification chart of India under Queen Victoria, of 1 January 1877, but it does seem to still hold validity. The major Gujarat earthquake some years back showed up more clearly on it than the modern India chart.  And that 1877 chart is highly stressed through this year and next.

Kashmir is the subject of territorial dispute between India, Pakistan and China.


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  1. Two quick comments on the published charts of India and Pakistan at independence.

    Pakistan has a stellium in its 11th House, suggesting a strong dependence on friends and alliances.

    On the Indian chart, what is interesting is that almost all the planets are in the lower half of the chart, suggesting a very introverted/inwards-facing persona. Also, the Nodes are almost exactly on the Ascendant-Descendant axis, suggesting a strong karmic (oh, the irony) connection for the independent India.

  2. Marjorie,

    Can I ask you for the rationale of using the 1877 chart? The reason for my question is that in 1877, all that happened was that Queen Victoria took on the additional title of Empress of India. In that sense, India was elevated to being the Indian Empire, but with no additional political significance.

    Would a chart based on either the Royal Assent to the Government of India Act 1858 (which transferred India from the East India Company to the Crown) on 2nd August 1858 or its commencement (not sure if it would be at midnight in Calcutta or in London) on 1st November 1858 be more apt for a united India? I would consider that as the foundation of India as a single united entity in terms of international law.

    Can I request you to update this article with both the charts for the 1877 acclamation of the Indian Empire and the 1st November 1858 transfer of sovereignty to the Crown and your fuller comments on both these charts.

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