Imran Khan – radical changes for Pakistan if he wins



After 22 years of trying and failing, ex-cricketer Imran Khan could have his best shot at becoming Pakistan’s prime minister as he heads to July’s elections. With a reputation as a former Western playboy, the ex-husband of Jemima Goldsmith, has taken to spirituality and surprisingly emerged as the choice for both the Taliban and many in Pakistan’s powerful spy agency (ISI). If elected he hopes to distance Pakistan from the Western Alliance and possibly move towards China.

His birth date used to be questionable but seems to have settled at 5 October 1952, two days before Vladimir Putin. So he has the same stellium of four planets in Libra – Sun, Saturn, Mercury, Neptune – and a ferociously determined crusading Mars in Sagittarius trine Pluto, sextiling onto Neptune; a can-be-fanatical Neptune square Uranus; and pushily confident Pluto square Jupiter in Taurus tied into a T Square by an Aquarius North Node.

He’ll have planets in different houses than Putin, which may explain his lack of success to date. This birth time of 11.55am is questionable but would put a sporting Jupiter in the 5th; and a hidden Pluto in the 8th. Whereas I’ve always imagined Putin with a control-freak Pluto on his midheaven.

During this July and August Khan, does have a successful tr Pluto trine his Jupiter so he will be upbeat; though less so in 2019/2020 with heavily pressured transits to midpoints. And throughout 2018/19 he has the highly confusing tr Pluto square his Neptune.

Pakistan does look to be going through a seismic upheaval in its relations with the USA, picking up from mid May and running through into early 2019 as tr Uranus squares the composite Mercury, Sun; with undermining, disappointing Neptune transits to the composite Jupiter, Saturn and Uranus from 2017 till 2020. With a complete re-set or disruption come 2019/2020 from tr Uranus opposition the composite Pluto.

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